Starbucks launches Web3 loyalty program

Starbucks Odyssey, a web3 program

Starbucks has introduced Starbucks Odyssey, a beta version of their loyalty program, to select customers and staff in the US.

This program will allow participants to go on “Journeys” with interactive activities that will provide them with collectible NFTs, named “Journey Stamps”, and Odyssey Points that can be used to obtain exclusive benefits and experiences.

According to the company, the Odyssey program is an opportunity for the company to further integrate Web3 and NFTs.

Starbucks announced a new program, an extension of its Rewards program, which utilizes Web3 technology. Members will be able to participate in ‘Journeys’ consisting of interactive activities such as virtual tours, trivia, and games.

Upon completion of a Journey, members will receive a collectible ‘Journey Stamp’ (a Polygon-based NFT) and bonus Points towards their overall Point total.

Earlier this month, Brady Brewer, the executive vice president and chief marketing officer at Starbucks, announced an initiative to make emerging technology easily accessible and approachable for a wide range of customers.

As part of this effort, the chain sent out initial invitations to a small group of waitlist members and employees, and starting in January 2023, monthly invitations will be offered to a larger group of members on the waitlist.

Following the beta launch of the program, members will be able to buy and sell Starbucks Odyssey digital collectible Stamps through the Starbucks Odyssey market powered by Nifty Gateway.

In 2021, these members will have the opportunity to buy “Limited-Edition Stamps” (NFTs). Part of the proceeds from the sales will be donated to causes that are important to Starbucks partners and Starbucks Rewards members.


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