SushiSwap to End Support for Kashi and MISO Platforms


Decentralized exchange SushiSwap, has announced that it will be discontinuing two of its offerings—the Kashi lending platform and the MISO token launchpad—due to their poor design and lack of resources.

SushiSwap CTO, Matthew Lilley, stated that the company will transition away from these offerings in Q1 2023 and focus on its core decentralized exchange, which has $390 million in total value locked.

The Kashi platform, introduced in March 2021, allowed users to borrow cryptocurrency assets within the DeFi space, while MISO (Minimal Initial SushiSwap Offering) was intended as a crowdfunding platform for DeFi projects.

Both offerings experienced low user adoption and have been deemed unsuccessful. The retirement of Kashi and MISO is part of a wider restructuring effort for SushiSwap, which reportedly has just 1.5 years of operational runway remaining according to the exchange’s “head chef,” Jared Grey.


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