SushiSwap Unveils Future NFT Platform, Shoyu

Shoyu NFT Platform

SushiSwap’s future non-fungible token (NFT) platform, Shoyu, has now gone live.

According to Shoyu, the website for SushiSwap’s forthcoming non-fungible token (NFT) platform, Shoyu, is now live.

The team posted on TikTok, saying, “In a desert of NFTs, an oasis is emerging.” Also, the Shoyu noted that “a new oasis is an NFT desert.” In TikTok, desert-themed images are leading to the Shoyu domain name.

Moreover, now showcases a page declaring that “creative commerce reimagined” is coming soon. What is more, Project leader LexV also tweeted a link to the website.

Note that 2 months ago, LevX, brought up the idea of an NFT platform with a frontend, caching layer, and infrastructure for art storage powered by Sushi. Based on the reports, the platform would give related services to existing NFT marketplaces, including SuperRare and OpenSea.

In July, Sushi published a post, saying,

“I, LevX, proposed the idea of our NFT exchange 243 and thanks to our passionate community members, especially @FutureFund, @ayoki, Evan Keast, Zach Noble and @OmakaseBar, it evolved into a concrete project that would meet the actual needs of NFT artists & collectors.”

During that time, the team noted that they are looking to create an NFT platform that focuses on artists’ and creators’ needs to drive the space forward.


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