A man was arrested in the Netherlands for allegedly laundering money with bitcoin (BTC). Prosecutors claim there were links to dark web trading.

According to a statement from the Fiscal Information and Investigation Service, the 42-year-old man from the municipality of Midden-Groningen was arrested on November 16.

The investigation was launched after the man used several Bitcoin ATMs. An investigation revealed that the man had been making large volumes of bitcoin trades through exchanges for a long time and possessed far more bitcoin than he could have purchased with his current income.

The English version of the document published states,

“It became clear from the investigation that the man had been exchanging high-value bitcoins through various exchanges for a long time. He owned far more bitcoins than he had demonstrably purchased himself or could have purchased with his meager income. There are links to trading on the dark web.”

The man’s Veendam home was searched, and his computer equipment and cash were taken.

The Dutch Public Prosecutor’s Office was in charge of the investigation.