Tiny Colony Moving to ImmutableX from Solana

Tiny Colony blockchain game.

ImmutableX, a sidechain of the Ethereum network, is the new home for Tiny Colony. ImmutableX is a layer-2 scaling solution that enables developers to create games with low transaction costs and fast transaction speeds.

It’s powered by a network of nodes, which validate transactions and secure the network. It also offers a built-in crypto wallet, allowing players to send and receive their in-game assets.

The team at Tiny Colony says the move to ImmutableX will be a “major upgrade” to their game, offering players a better experience.

They will also be able to pay for in-game assets in fiat currency. The Tinyverse will now be part of the Immutable roster of games which includes Gods Unchained, Illuvium, Guild of Guardians and Ember Swords.

The move is a sign of the increasing competition between blockchains, as new gaming-focused chains try to attract new projects away from other chains with grants and promises of greater support.

With its low transaction costs, fast transaction speeds and built-in crypto wallet, ImmutableX makes a good fit for Tiny Colony.


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