Another $2.75 million in stolen money has been returned, with the main hacker behind the Transit Swap attack earning a sizable reward in the process.

As part of a deal to return user funds, the largest hacker who stole more than $23 million from decentralized exchange (DEX) Transit Swap will accept a bounty worth nearly $690,000.

According to Transit Finance blog post, “white hat #1” the hacker will return 10,000 Binance Coin (BNB), or roughly $2.75 million in two installments.

This is in addition to the money that the same hacker returned around this time last week, which made up about 70% of the stolen assets.

According to Transit Finance, a cryptocurrency project, of which Transit Swap is one product, 2,500 BNB, which is worth approximately $688,625 at the current price.

2,500 BNB had already been transferred to Tornado Cash by the hacker, as observers had already noted.

Transit won’t pursue legal action against the hacker if the money is given back as promised. Others who took part in the attack are still on the hook, though.

Transit Finance announced late last week that the first phase of the refund of users’ assets had begun.

The primary hacker’s funds, which totaled about 6,500 BNB, are expected to be returned today as a result of today’s update. Once Transit begins the second round of refunds, another 3,500 BNB will be returned.