Tron CEO Justin Sun Spent $611,170 on Ethereum Pet Rock NFT

Justin Sun spent half million dollars on a rock

People react to Tron CEO about buying Ethereum Pet Rock NFT for $611K.

Tron CEO Justin Sun said he bought the Ethereum pet rock craze that has mopped the NFT market. He announced that he spent half a million dollars on a rock with the laughing emoji.

While you and we are crying about losing $10 or $50, people are spending a crazy amount on digital items (NFTs).

Justin Sun threw a half-million dollars on drawings of rocks that were issued as non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on the Ethereum blockchain back in 2017. He spent $611,170 on the digital art called ‘EtherRock 87’.

In addition, his action triggered the reaction of the crypto Twitter community. A Twitter account retweeted Justin Sun’s tweet with the following words: “People are starving and then this. The world is messed up.”

Another account said, “Sad like Tron.” Also, an account noted that Tron CEO is not serious about improving the tech behind his tokens as the community expects the price to surge.

While some people were talking about Justin projects, another account said,

“Just a thought…$500,000 could change a lot of peoples’ lives: domestic abuse victims, the homeless, refugees. It’s such a sad indictment of today’s society that people are spending such ludicrous amounts of these joke items. I weep for humanity sometimes!!!”


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