Twitter Is supposedly working on a crypto wallet product

Twitter new crypto wallet

This week, Twitter is stepping up its efforts to become a web3 frontrunner. A new web3-based crypto wallet for the social media firm is in the works, according to allegations first emerged by established software frontend programmer Jane Manchun Wong.

According to famous tech writer Jane Manchun Wong, Twitter is developing a “wallet prototype” that would allow users to deposit and withdraw cryptocurrency.

Last September, Twitter introduced a tool that allowed users to tip content creators with Bitcoin. In mid-February, Ethereum users gained access to Twitter-native cryptocurrency tipping.

There has been no official confirmation or acknowledgement of the situation by the social media company. As Wong points out, the wallet is expected to handle deposits and withdrawals, but initial token support, as well as many other details, remains unknown.

As a result, there is no set timeline for when we might get any confirmation or additional information.


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