Vertu Introduces the ‘World’s First Web3 Phone’ With a base price of $3300

Vertu crypto mobile phone

Vertu officially debuted its latest phone, METAVERTU, on October 24 at an event in London, claiming it is “the world’s first Web3 phone.”

According to a press release, 2022, METAVERTU was initially revealed on September 28, 2022. The company stated that it will conduct a launch event in London on October 24, to officially start off the global sale.

According to an internal staff statement, VERTU’s METAVERTU phone is the first to propose the concept of CNCOS, a 5-dimensional integrated ecosystem that aims to integrate chips, smart terminals, blockchain, operating systems, and high-end services into a single phone, and they want WEB2.0 users to seamlessly and smoothly transition into WEB3.0.

The spokesperson stated that a web3 phone is the ideal beginning point for users’ digital sovereignty and blockchain infrastructure, which can truly assist people in creating their own value. VERTU will provide airdrop NFT with particular benefits to bookings customers.


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