It seems like the year is far from over for Non-fungible tokens (NFTs), which are on the rise since the beginning of 2021. These digital arts keep driving people crazy day by day as the market rises.

On August 22, Wicked Ape Bone Club announced that it made 1,000 ETH in secondary sales. This is worth around $5.1 million with Ethereum price at press time.

According to the team, Wicked Ape Bone Club NFT or WABC is an “NFT collection of 10,000 skeletal monkeys that live far in the future after all ape life went extinct.”

In addition, the Wicked Ape Bone Club is just a week old and has done $5.1 million in secondary sales. Based on the reports, they have an active noisy community at the moment. And some digital art collectibles are being picked up by people such as Faze Clan and other influencers.

Moreover, the project features on OpenSea and is a tribute to the Bored Apes and Wicked Craniums.

Speaking of bored apes and wicked craniums, the WABC team said,

“Long after humans became an interplanetary species and left our solar system, 10,000 apes roamed planet Earth up until an interstellar comet, Oumuamua, demolished all ape life. Over centuries, the radioactive potency of this comet revived 10,000 skeletal apes that will now spend their lives for eternity on the Ethereum blockchain known as the Wicked Ape Bone Club.”

Furthermore, Wicked Ape Bone Club NFT also celebrated the milestones by giving away 1 Ethereum to the community on Sunday. Also, Wicked Ape Bone Club NFT said it is giving away another 1/1 Davinci Framed Print of Apes. Users can simply tweet a picture of their Apes on Twitter and tag WABC.