Yuga Labs, the team behind the famous Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT collection, introduced its new “community council” as the newest community initiative for their projects.

The council, which was established by seven appointed BAYC holders, has received mixed reviews in its early years.

A Yuga Labs blog post that includes a profile of each of the seven council members broke the news to the public.

The list includes a range of Bored Ape owners engaged in web3 marketing, community building, and other activities.

In the statement, the team said,

“We see the community council as a critical part in helping Yuga Labs shape the future of BAYC.”

In addition, the team said that the council will focus on feedback, giving back to the community, and the council autonomy.

On top of that, the BAYC team noted that every Ape in their community has directly impacted their decision-making from day one.

So, the establishment of this council, and future councils to come, puts a more formal, efficient and consistent process in place for Yuga leadership to get community feedback and advice on an ongoing basis.

Additionally, they said that they are also exploring the evolving needs of their other Yuga NFT communities – CryptoPunks, Meebits, and Otherside.