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AAG Taps Coinbase Pay As A Fiat On-ramping Solution For The MetaOne Wallet

AAG Taps Coinbase Pay As A Fiat On-ramping Solution For The MetaOne Wallet

Singapore, SG, 23rd December, 2022

AAG, a web3 infrastructure company, has integrated Coinbase Pay to enhance the fiat on-ramping features of its new user focused MetaOne Wallet. The integration will make it easier for users, many who never previously owned cryptocurrencies, to acquire digital assets and NFTs as part of their web3 journey.

MetaOne Wallet is the flagship product under the AAG banner. It is a digital and unique crypto wallet that suits the needs of novices and experienced users. There is a substantial emphasis on security, safety, and efficiency, without compromising convenience.

MetaOne has integrated Coinbase Pay to make the onboarding process more straightforward. With the help of Coinbase Pay, MetaOne Wallet users can conveniently purchase non-fungible tokens and cryptocurrencies through convenient fiat currency payment methods.

“With the recent situation with FTX, we believe that more and more users will be looking for an alternative option for self-custody. MetaOne, with its unique features, is perfect for those who might not be comfortable with a fully non-custodial wallet.” – said Jack Vinijtrongjit, CEO of AAG

Integrating convenient fiat currency payment support is an integral part of AAG’s mission to make MetaOne Wallet the only necessary tool for Web3 and metaverse purposes. Therefore, it is easy enough for novice crypto users, but powerful enough when they become power users.

The MetaOne Wallet features an integrated decentralized application store where only safe applications are whitelisted and approved called the MetaOne dpp store. Accessing these applications is done within the wallet through a built-in browser.

Furthermore, users benefit from eliminating private keys and seed phrases, making the wallet more straightforward to use by mainstream users. Instead, MetaOne relies on n-factor authentication to provide a seamless user experience.

In addition, the MetaOne Wallet performs automatic asset discovery. User assets will automatically be identified and displayed on the balance screen without requiring manual intervention. With support for assets across multiple blockchains – more to be added soon – it is an all-in-one solution for storing and managing digital assets. 


About AAG

AAG is a web3 infrastructure company focusing on providing software that helps simplify interactions with blockchain applications and the Metaverse for mainstream users and traditional companies. AAG provides a secure and easy-to-use crypto wallet, as well as infrastructure software, such as a cross-chain search engine and GameFi SDK for enterprise companies. With the belief that education is the key to unlock the potential of web3, AAG is also exploring the concept of Learn-and-Earn with the mission of enabling economic opportunities worldwide via the Metaverse economy. AAG aims to bring 1 billion people into the Metaverse economy by 2030.

For more information about AAG, visit: AAG Linktree


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