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AstroSwap and World Mobile team up to connect billions of people in Africa and around the world

AstroSwap and World Mobile team up to connect billions of people in Africa and around the world

AstroSwap is the most recent decentralized exchange (DEX) designed specifically for trading the Cardano ecosystem. Wagyuswap powers the DEX, which was incubated by

Through the Swapz Bridge, another of AstroSwap’s partners, the AstroSwap team has begun bridging over and listing Cardano native tokens. Traders have also been given access to a number of liquidity farms and staking pools. The AstroSwap team is working hard to make the Cardano ecosystem more tradable at considerably faster speeds and with lower transaction fees.

Astronaut Yuri stated:

“It is definitely breathtaking to see this many Cardano tokens being traded on the exchange. Our bridge and the order execution speed are true innovations. We are excited to add the World Mobile Token to the long list of Cardano tokens listed on AstroSwap”

The World Mobile Token (WMT) is the ultimate utility token behind the World Mobile network which brings tremendous innovation via the sharing economy and blockchain technology and aims to connect the unconnected.

The network will begin its expansion in East Africa and will eventually cover the entire African continent. World Mobile is the world’s first telecommunications network run by people for people.

The fundamental purpose of the World Mobile Token, which is a native asset on the Cardano blockchain, is to power the sharing economy and reward all users on the World Mobile network. Once the mainnet is operational, all transactions generated on the network will be paid in WMT to node operators and stakers to Earth Nodes.

Calls, text messaging, streaming, internet browsing, and any other value-added services supplied through the World Mobile service, such as healthcare, insurance, micro-loans, and more, generate transactions on the network.

World Mobile Token’s Head of Token, Zachary Vann, stated:

“We are excited about our partnership with AstroSwap; we believe their unique Layer 2 solution on the Velas blockchain will allow traders to acquire the World Mobile Token on its functioning and stable DEX. In addition, we believe the integration of MetaMask will allow the WMT holders to truly unlock our token’s cross-chain potential, bringing World Mobile Token into multi-chain ecosystems.”

The AstroSwap DEX is built on the Cardano blockchain, however it uses a cross-chain, layer 2 method to accomplish so. The DEX runs on the Velas platform, which is EVM compatible (Ethereum Virtual Machine). Transaction speeds of up to 75,000 TPS have been reported on the Velas blockchain, making the DEX quick, efficient, and inexpensive.

Users can also use Swapz, a multi-chain bridge (for more information, see the bridge tutorials) that connects EVM and non-EVM tokens by locking liquidity on one side and minting tokens on the other, earning users astronomical rewards through their LP farming function.

The first week of Astroswap’s existence:

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