XRP price projections indicate a potential breakthrough beyond the $0.480 resistance, suggesting bullish prospects. Meanwhile, Bitcoin Cash news reports a significant rally, briefly surpassing $400. On the other hand, BlockDAG emerges as the best new crypto to buy, with presale reaching $56.9 million. 

The release of its Keynote 2 video, explaining its DAG and PoW technologies, has notably spurred interest. Endorsements from influencers like NASS CRYPTO, who have highlighted BlockDAG’s potential, underscore its appeal and investment potential as it redefines efficiency in the crypto landscape.

XRP’s trajectory shows promise as it approaches the crucial resistance at $0.480. Overcoming this barrier could spark bullish momentum, as recent XRP price projections indicate. The digital currency has maintained stability, recently bouncing off the $0.4620 support level to challenge higher valuations. 

XRP breached a significant resistance at $0.4735, leading to further gains above the $0.4750 mark and past the 100-hourly Simple Moving Average. These developments suggest a potential shift in market sentiment, as noted in recent XRP price projections. If XRP can sustain above the $0.480 mark, the next significant resistance lies at $0.4825, potentially paving the way for a climb towards $0.4880.

Bitcoin Cash Experiences Renewed Interest Amid Market Changes

Recent Bitcoin Cash news highlights a substantial 16% increase this week, pushing its value towards the $400 mark. This recent spike, driven by technical milestones and market sentiment, saw BCH momentarily breach this threshold before facing resistance, illustrating a tentative yet significant rally. 

The latest surge in Bitcoin Cash news includes Mt. Gox’s pivotal announcement about repaying creditors using BCH, among other tokens. This development has injected fresh volatility into BCH’s market dynamics, influencing trading volumes and price trajectory. While the repayment may introduce additional BCH into the market, it also reaffirms the currency’s relevance.

NASS CRYPTO Supports Emerging Contender BlockDAG

BlockDAG’s emergence as a major player in the cryptocurrency landscape has been fueled by strategic endorsements, particularly from influential figures like NASS CRYPTO. His recent praise for BlockDAG’s $56.9 million presale has significantly heightened its profile, attracting investor interest. In his latest video, NASS CRYPTO highlighted BlockDAG’s innovative Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG) and Proof-of-Work (PoW) technologies, comparing their potential to past crypto success stories like Shiba and PEPE. 

This endorsement has propelled BlockDAG into the spotlight, making it a prime contender for the best new crypto to buy. The recent release of BlockDAG’s Keynote 2 video has further solidified its position. The video provides a comprehensive overview of BlockDAG’s unique technologies, helping to demystify its approach and promote its scalability and efficiency benefits. 

This educational push is designed to engage and inform the community, reinforcing BlockDAG’s commitment to transparency and innovation. As BlockDAG’s presale hits $56.9 million, its combination of cutting-edge technology, influential endorsements, and proactive community engagement secures its place as a major contender in the crypto market. This strategic approach draws significant attention, positioning BlockDAG as a top investment opportunity.


While the XRP price projection hints at overcoming key resistances and Bitcoin Cash showcases significant market activity, BlockDAG emerges as the standout investment. With its presale surging to $56.9 million and strategic innovations in DAG and PoW technology, BlockDAG not only promises a bright future but also currently presents the best new crypto to buy, as emphasised by top influencers. For those considering new opportunities, now is an ideal time to explore BlockDAG’s potential.

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