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Be Part of the Future: Nominate Now for the Global AI Awards!

The Global AI Show

Calling AI-focussed technology entrepreneurs and experts to present their innovations and submit nominations at the Global AI Awards 2024. Nominations are open until March 17, 2024.

Dubai, March 12, 2024 – The Global AI Show, a premiere platform which will bring together thought leaders from the artificial intelligence & machine learning space, is pleased to announce its official awards ceremony taking place on April 15 at the Grand Hyatt, Dubai. Organized by VAP Group, the Global AI Awards seeks to recognise excellence and innovation, and pay tribute to the trailblazers, innovators and guardians who tirelessly push the boundaries of possibility.

One of the award categories – The Emerging AI Technology Of The Year 2024 – will give recognition to groundbreaking technology that has demonstrated significant promise, innovation and potential for transformative impact in its respective field over the past year. The award presents an opportunity for industry corporations and start-ups to showcase their leading AI technology to an audience of over 10,000 attendees. 

Technology advancements including the application of AI in various industries such as healthcare and finance has paved the way for outstanding developments in their sectors. From preventative care and diagnostics to streamlining all the way through to robotics in surgery, AI has made a steadfast footprint in healthcare. The Best AI Achievement In Healthcare award recognizes the power of an effective AI technology set to make positive changes in the field of healthcare. 

Similarly, finance companies have proved to be one of the leading sectors to implement the latest technology. The Best AI Achievement In Finance award appreciates the spirit of financial services to create a better AI-powered future.

With world’s first AI humanoid robot Sophia as the Official AI Ambassador for the Global AI Show, the awards ceremony also includes the category of Best Next-gen Robotics Innovation which will highlight individuals, research teams, start-ups or organizations that have demonstrated exceptional creativity, technical expertise, and visionary thinking in the development and application of robotic technologies across various domains such as manufacturing, healthcare, transportation, agriculture, service industries and beyond. 

“Through the Global AI Awards, we wish to recognize and commend leaders, companies, and start-ups worldwide for their contribution to the AI industry. It is through their research and innovations that we can look forward to a new technological era and a future where AI developments and breakthroughs make the impossible possible,” said Vishal Parmar, CEO and Founder of VAP Group. 

The Global AI Awards, with its 20 award categories, will celebrate artificial intelligence leaders who are working towards improving the disrupted AI realm through innovating and adopting advanced technology. Nominations are open until March 17 and winners will be announced at the official awards ceremony and gala dinner at the Grand Hyatt, Dubai on April 15.

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