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Blockchain Visionaries Assemble: Tido Capital’s Trailblazing Event Fuels Web3 Revolution

Tido Capital's Trailblazing Event Fuels Web3 Revolution

Blockchain Visionaries Assemble: Tido Capital’s Trailblazing Event Fuels Web3 Revolution

Dubai, April 26, 2024 – Tido Capital, in collaboration with prominent cohost organizations, successfully concluded a momentous VC meetup-Venture Horizons:Investing in Tomorrow during the esteemed Token2049 conference and Web3 summit in Dubai. The event brought together a prestigious gathering of global Web3 experts, investors, innovative projects, and top voices.

Against the relentless downpour, attendees braved the elements to converge at the Atlantis hotel to engage in vibrant discussions on the prevailing industry trends and investment insights for 2024.

Distinguished guests from pioneering entities such as Initverse-the Layer 1 blockchain and decentralized cloud computing service platform; TG20-a revolutionary multi-chain WEB3 assets management and social trading platform built natively on Telegram; DeepLink-an innovative Decentralized AI Cloud Gaming Protocol; Master Protocol-Modularized Restaking Protocol tailored to ALL LSTs; Gameland simplifies game development by leveraging AI, enabling easy creation, sharing, and instant play, and Amesten Capital is an early stage web3 focused fund contributed not only as generous sponsors but also as influential speakers, shaping the trajectory of the web3 investment landscape. This esteemed lineup of sponsors reflects the event’s significance, drawing attention from some of the most forward-thinking and impactful entities in the industry. Here is a glimpse of the compelling perspectives shared during the panel discussions:

Initverse: Unveiling the Power of DePIN

The authoritative spokesperson Anna from Initverse underscored the potential of integrating blockchain technology with the physical world, envisioning a revolutionary impact on energy, supply chains, and telecommunications. Emphasizing the ease of operation facilitated by AI-assisted verification for DePin, the representative highlighted the paramount importance of data security, privacy, comprehensive standards, and the indispensable support of industry investors and government oversight to propel the advancement of the project, which is currently in its early stage.

DeepLink: Propelling DePin Beyond DeFi

Varun Krishna Murthy, CEO and Indian Market Lead at DeepLink, shared compelling data, showcasing the extraordinary growth of the DePin project, with its revenue surpassing $15 million. Foreseeing a market cap of approximately trillions of dollars in the coming years, the discussion underscored the unparalleled operational ease, scalability, transparency, and security offered by the blockchain technology-driven crypto space. The adaptable token-based incentive mechanism was lauded for its potential to attract a wider user base to the crypto industry.

TG20: The Dawn of Mass Adoption Through Social Software

Gerald, CEO of TG20, drew insightful parallels with WeChat and Telegram, highlighting the transformative impact of integrating payment functionality, unlocking new possibilities for widespread encryption technology applications across diverse global software platforms and payment systems.

DeAgent.AI: Promising Prospects and Real Challenges of Decentralized AI Computing Networks

Selwyn, Co-founder of DeAgent, expounded on the substantial promise of decentralized AI computing networks while acknowledging the multifaceted implementation challenges and the imperative need for focused infrastructure and integrated computing resources.

Tido Capital enthusiastically expressed its profound commitment to this pioneering initiative, “Following the successful launch of a strategic partnership with the Coresky Allocation platform during TOKEN2049 in Singapore, we are thrilled to bring our vision for strategic crypto investments to a new region through our esteemed collaboration.”

The event also featured robust networking facilitated by cohosts TrendX and Sunny Trade during the post-event gathering, fostering a dynamic environment for meaningful connections and collaborative opportunities. The event’s overarching sentiment, “Gathering together leads to growth and strength,” encapsulates Tido’s profound dedication to fostering symbiotic relationships and charting new frontiers within the industry. The successful conclusion of this transformative event anticipates a future marked by profound collaboration, innovation, and industry development, offering a glimpse of the promising horizons awaiting the blockchain and web3 ecosystem.

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