BlockDAG, the latest sensation in the altcoin market, is setting center stage for a remarkable journey. With the unveiling of Dev Release 66, the project is set to enhance its infrastructure significantly. This update focuses on deploying a blockchain explorer on AWS, aiming to provide users with seamless access to blockchain data. Concurrently, BlockDAG’s presale has reached an impressive $56.1 million, underscoring the community’s growing interest and confidence in the project. This article explores the key aspects of Dev Release 66, the functionality of BlockDAG’s dashboard, and the dynamic ecosystem it supports.

BlockDAG’s Innovative Dashboard and Ecosystem

The new BlockDAG dashboard serves as a central hub for users, offering a comprehensive view of their activities and the latest ecosystem developments. Users are greeted with the ‘Hot News’ section, ensuring they stay updated with the latest announcements. The ‘Current Rank’ section displays user rankings and the purchase amounts required to advance, encouraging engagement and investment.

The ‘Wallet’ section allows users to make purchases, view balances, and manage miners, while the ‘Leaderboard Preview fosters competition by showcasing top purchasers. The ‘Last Transactions Preview’ provides transparency by detailing recent transactions, and the ‘Referral Screen’ tracks purchases made through referral links and earned bonuses.

A dedicated ‘Leaderboard’ page highlights the top 30 users based on their purchases, categorized into ranks like Crab, Tortoise, Fish, Shark, and Whale. The ‘Transactions’ section offers access to purchase history across various supported currencies, and the ‘Live Transactions’ screen provides real-time purchase updates. The ‘Profile’ page lets users view their rank and update delivery addresses for miners.

BlockDAG’s vibrant ecosystem supports easy and efficient dApp development. BDAG coins are essential for accessing dApps, facilitating transactions, and rewarding network participation. This structure encourages user engagement and innovation, making BlockDAG a significant player in decentralized digital services.

BlockDAG’s presale has been remarkable, soaring to $56.1 million in 19 batches, with new batches unlocking rapidly. The current Batch 19 is priced at $0.014. This acceleration reflects investors’ attraction to the project, driven by its engaging dashboard and robust ecosystem.

Dev Release 66: Blockchain Explorer Advancements

Dev Release 66 is a pivotal milestone in BlockDAG’s development. The focus of this release is the deployment of a blockchain explorer on AWS, designed to provide users with a detailed view of the blockchain’s activities. This deployment leverages a robust architecture to ensure smooth operations and quick access to data.

The AWS architecture includes several key components. An Elastic Load Balancer (ELB) distributes incoming traffic across multiple EC2 instances, ensuring high availability and fault tolerance. The web servers, hosted on Amazon EC2, handle the frontend application, while the backend services run on application servers, also on EC2, interfacing with the blockchain nodes.

Blockchain nodes, the core components connecting to the BlockDAG Network, are crucial for retrieving and broadcasting transaction data. These nodes are synchronized to maintain data consistency and availability. The database, managed by Amazon RDS, stores essential blockchain data, providing automated backups and failover capabilities.

To optimize performance, Amazon ElastiCache caches frequently accessed data, reducing the load on the database. Amazon OpenSearch Service offers powerful search capabilities, allowing users to quickly find transactions, blocks, and addresses. File storage is managed by Amazon S3, ensuring high durability and availability of static files.

Monitoring and logging are handled by Amazon CloudWatch and AWS CloudTrail, ensuring the health and security of the deployment. Security measures include AWS IAM for access management, AWS WAF for web application firewall protection, and AWS Shield for DDoS protection.

Terraform automates the deployment process, ensuring consistency, speed, and error reduction. By defining the infrastructure as code, Terraform allows for the easy replication of setups across different environments, streamlining the deployment process and minimizing human error.


BlockDAG’s latest developments in Dev Release 66, particularly the deployment of a blockchain explorer and enhanced dashboard features, showcase the project’s commitment to providing a seamless user experience. As the impressive presale progresses, reaching $56.1 million, it reflects the community’s trust and growing interest in BlockDAG’s innovative solutions. With BlockDAG continuously evolving, it is set to become a key player in the decentralized digital services landscape, driving engagement and sparking new ideas within the blockchain ecosystem.

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