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BlockDAG’s Keynote Drives Presale Success, as Batch 13 Hits $27.7M; Chainlink & Apecoin Struggle with Downward Trends

BlockDAG's Keynote Drives Presale Success, as Batch 13 Hits $27.7M; Chainlink & Apecoin Struggle with Downward Trends

The Chainlink (LINK) price forecast paints a bearish picture with a -17.18% Year-to-Date (YTD) return. Apecoin sees a weak price action, with the altcoin facing a negative trend this week. Meanwhile, BlockDAG keeps making significant strides as it recently lit up the Piccadilly Circus of London, celebrating $27.7 million raised from the sale of 9 billion BDAG coins. From its iconic keynote showcase at Japan’s Shibuya Crossing to the BDAG V2 Whitepaper release celebration on the Las Vegas Sphere, BlockDAG emerges as the next big crypto with its cutting-edge innovation and strategic marketing moves. 

Chainlink (LINK) Price Takes A Tumble

The chainlink token saw a Year-to-Date (YTD) return of -17.18% and lost approximately 11% over the past month. These patterns suggest a looming bearish trend. Conversely, LINK’s Relative Strength Index (RSI) hints at a bullish rebound. If Chainlink succeeds at pushing above the resistance level of $13.275 in the coming weeks, the bulls will regain momentum. On the flip side, if bears continue to dominate the market, the token’s price may drop toward a support level of $11.775. Given Chainlink’s history of successful integrations and partnerships, many investors are hopeful of the token’s ability to rebound into robust recovery. 

Apecoin Price Prediction: Will APE Exceed Support Level?

ApeCoin continues to receive mixed signals in the cryptosphere with some seeing it as a bubble about to burst and others treating it as a meme coin. The Apecoin price threads close to a resistance/support level of $1.235, indicating a bleak price action for the altcoin in the crypto market. Moreover, the token experienced a negative trend this week, exposing it to a bearish trend. If the downward trend continues, the token may stoop to a lower limit of $1 this month. 

BlockDAG’s Market Success Amid 30,000x ROI Projections 

BlockDAG recently lit up the Piccadilly Circus in London with its dazzling light show in celebration of its presale achievements and CoinMarketCap listing. BlockDAG is currently in its Batch 13 of presale, with each coin being sold at $0.008 per coin. Notably, investors from Batch 1 have seen a whopping 650% surge in their investment returns. 

But how did BlockDAG manage to sell 9 billion coins and raise $27.7 million in such a short time period of its crypto presale? The answer lies in the project’s cutting-edge innovation, proactive marketing initiatives, and a strategic vesting period coupled with $100 million in liquidity. The vesting period ensures a gradual release of purchased coins to ensure stability and long-term profitability. 

The very first waves BlockDAG created in the cryptosphere were a direct result of their keynote showcase at Tokyo’s Shibuya Crossing. This video not only unraveled BlockDAG’s technological flair but also highlighted the project’s ambitious growth roadmap of raising $600 million this year. BlockDAG has also released a moon-themed teaser for its second, upcoming keynote, further attracting widespread investor interest. 

The project’s celebration at Las Vegas Sphere for its DAGPaper V2 whitepaper release showcased its blockchain plus Directed Acyclic Graphs (DAG) framework designed to overcome the blockchain trilemma of scalability, security, and decentralization. BlockDAG’s parallel transaction processing ability ensures near real-time translation speeds. A low-code/no-code platform for developers enhances accessibility and functionality. The platform is all set to launch its X1 Miner App (beta version), which would allow users to mine up to 20 BDAG coins daily on their smartphones, without impacting their data or batteries. 

BlockDAG’s strategic marketing initiatives have set it apart from its competitors. The platform’s recent CoinMarketCap listing has further enhanced its public visibility. BlockDAG’s current price trajectory hints at a $30 coin value by 2030, with investors standing a chance to gain 30,000x ROI. 

A Final Word

With Chainlink (LINK) price and Apecoin price prediction facing potential bearish outcomes, investors are quickly shifting their attention to more stable and profitable ventures. BlockDAG emerges as the next big crypto with a 700% surge in 13 presale batches. The platform’s iconic keynote and exceptional products define its technological prowess. With $100 million liquidity on launch and a strategic vesting period, BlockDAG is a crypto investor’s dream come true with 30,000x ROI potential. 

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