The crypto market is experiencing a calm before the storm. Bitcoin’s recent recovery hints at an imminent bull run. Altcoins remain at their lows, poised for an explosive surge. Enthusiasts and investors are speculating about which tokens will lead the charge. Curiosity is brewing as potential winners are watched closely. Readers will discover in this article which specific altcoins are set to soar, riding the bullish wave initiated by Bitcoin.

BlastUP Unveils Blastbox V2: A Goldmine of Benefits for Early Investors

BlastUP, the premier launchpad on the Blast blockchain, has unveiled Blastbox V2, fresh on the heels of an $8 million presale success. This launch offers investors another chance to get $BLASTUP tokens at presale prices, loaded with a host of perks including $BLASTUP tokens and Booster Points. As experts forecast potential returns of up to 1000%, early acquisition of BLASTUP tokens could prove to be a savvy investment.

Blastbox V2 is a gateway to exclusive privileges within the BlastUP ecosystem. Owners are set to enjoy benefits like NFT and token airdrops, membership in the exclusive BlastUP Club, and priority access to Initial DEX Offerings (IDOs).

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MANTRA (OM) Shows Serious Growth Potential Amid Market Fluctuations

MANTRA (OM) has been fluctuating between $0.71 and $0.97, indicating a struggle between bears and bulls. Despite recent dips, the token’s price has seen a staggering rise of over 1300% in the past six months. Currently, it’s consolidating just below its 10-day Simple Moving Average of $0.97 and faces its first resistance level at $1.08. If it breaks this, it could aim for the second resistance at $1.34, representing a potential increase of around 40% from its current range. The Relative Strength Index (RSI) is neutral at 46.22, showing neither overbought nor oversold conditions, suggesting room for more upward movement.

Toncoin Holds Strong Amid Market Volatility, Shows Potential for Bullish Surge

Toncoin (TON) is currently trading between $6.22 and $8.01, reflecting some resilience even as the market experiences turbulence. Bulls seem poised for a comeback, with the nearest resistance level at $8.98. If Toncoin breaches this level, it could climb to the second resistance at $10.77, marking a significant rise. Despite a recent drop of about 9% over the past week, Toncoin has shown an impressive gain of over 237% in the past six months. With the RSI at 39.31, indicating it’s not yet overbought, and a MACD near neutral, there’s potential for upward momentum. If bullish patterns from 2021 repeat, Toncoin might see considerable growth soon.

Aptos Poised for a Rebound Despite Recent Downturn

Aptos (APT) is currently trading between $4.78 and $6.81. While the recent dip might seem discouraging, the charts show promise. Bulls are not out of the game yet. RSI at 59.99 suggests the coin is nearing the overbought zone, indicating possible future gains. The nearest resistance is at $8.04, and breaking through could lift APT towards $10.08, about a 45% increase. With a 10-day SMA of $6.17 and a MACD level of 0.04, a short-term bounce is plausible. Despite a weeklong drop of nearly 6%, Aptos retains the potential for a strong recovery, possibly mimicking patterns witnessed during the 2021 bull run.

Optimism (OP) Ready for a Comeback Despite Recent Slump

Despite recent price drops, Optimism (OP) is showing signs of a potential comeback. Currently trading between $1.12 and $1.76, the token’s bulls appear stronger than the bears. The Relative Strength Index (RSI) is nearly 63, indicating positive momentum. The nearest resistance level is $2.13, a reachable target that represents a promising rise of around 20%. If it breaks this level, Optimism could soar towards its second resistance at $2.77, offering a significant gain of around 57% from its current high. Short-term losses mask long-term potential: a bullish setup similar to 2021’s patterns, hinting at an altcoin season ahead.


The current market signals a possible rise in specific tokens. OM, TON, APT, and OP show moderate potential in the short term. However, BLASTUP stands out with the highest potential. This is due to its strong concept and its position within the Blast ecosystem. It may be wise to keep an eye on BLASTUP for better gains.





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