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CV Pad Ramps Up with High-Profile And Strategic Impact Partnerships for its ‘Launchpad+’

CV Pad Ramps Up with High-Profile And Strategic Impact Partnerships for its ‘Launchpad+’

Zug, Switzerland, April 23rd, 2024

CV Pad is stirring up the Web3 incubator and launchpad market as it unveils an unparalleled ecosystem of support that transcends the traditional launchpad model. 

CV Pad’s partnership matrix reveals a formidable coalition with leading industry giants, offering services that cater to every aspect of project development and post-launch sustainability.

Partnering with titans like Consensys, CV Pad provides projects with mentorship and highly discounted rates on necessary business operation services such as advertising, token economics, and distribution, thus propelling projects that launch on the CV Pad platform.

CV Pad Partnerships: Strengthening an Entire Ecosystem

On a mission to provide 360 support to portfolio projects, CV Pad has aligned and partnered with some of the most profound companies and foundations in the space. Here are some of the notable partnerships.

Hacken was one of the first to align itself with CV Pad, showcasing the synergy between technical prowess and foundational support. Projects launching via CV Pad receive a healthy 20% discount on their services, from audits through tokenomics. Hacken is a leading blockchain security firm that has served well over 1000 clients.

Collaboration with Consensys opens gateways to events and workshops, granting startups accelerated access to the Consensys scale incubation program. CV Pad’s cohorts are set to truly benefit from Consensys’s extensive network and market access.

LayerZero Labs will support CV Pad projects in integrating its protocol and SingularityNET will assist with implementing the AI stack, broadening the horizon for startups launching through CV Pad. 

CV Pad proudly operates in strategic partnership with Cuatrecasas, a leading global law firm with a strong background in blockchain and the digital asset space. CV Pad projects are eligible for 2 free hours of initial legal assessments as well as discounted rates on top-brass digital asset legal advisory.

Leading blockchain industry news publication, Cointelegraph, has also aligned itself with the vision of CV Pad. CV Pad projects will receive a 15% discount on Cointelegraph’s media packages, from exclusive newsletter mentions to tailored PR packs. Cointelegraph has been a leading media outlet since 2013, garnering over 23M monthly viewers, across 193 countries, and will be a core communication channel for CV Pad projects.

These are just some of CV Pad’s formidable partnerships to help launch, support, and accelerate blockchain projects.

CV Pad’s Commitment to Holistic Development

At the heart of every successful venture is a comprehensive foundation of support — a core principle that CV Pad embodies with zeal. A commitment to holistic development is the bedrock upon which CV Pad builds success for projects, ensuring that each project is not only launched but also nurtured to its full potential. 

Here’s the full-spectrum of services catering to the needs of projects from inception to launch and beyond:

CV Pad’s suite of support services is meticulously crafted to include:

  • Fundraising & Capital: Access to a diverse investor network and fundraising strategies to ensure project liquidity.
  • Tokenomics: Expert guidance to design robust economic models that align with project goals and market dynamics.
  • Incubation: A nurturing environment fostering innovation and structured growth.
  • Distribution: Strategic market positioning and partnership for optimal token dissemination.
  • Legal: Comprehensive legal counsel to navigate the complex regulatory landscape.

Building the Ecosystem for Tomorrow

The launch of a project marks only the beginning of its journey. CV Pad distinguishes itself by offering an enduring commitment to projects even after they enter the market. Post-launch support is where CV Pad’s dedication becomes most evident, covering every conceivable angle to ensure long-term success. 

CV Pad’s robust partner network is instrumental in maintaining momentum, offering access to strategic advisories that are essential for scalability and sustainability in the fast-paced tech ecosystem. This 360-degree support system is the cornerstone of CV Pad’s mission not only to launch but also to elevate projects to their full potential. 

As CV Pad expands its alliance with industry-leading platforms and services, it underscores its unwavering commitment to supporting tech startups on their ambitious journeys. CV Pad is not merely a launchpad but a cornerstone for nurturing the next wave of digital innovation. A Launchpad+.

For more information about the upcoming launch of the CV Pad token, users can follow CV Pad on X (Twitter) and apply for the token whitelist.

About CV Pad

CV Pad is a Launchpad+, aiming to take projects through their TGE with a suite of services from tokenomics support to distribution and marketing, with the support of their global network of partnerships. It is a collective: DuckDAO, CV VC and CV Labs, that utilizes its wealth of experience in Web3 and traditional venture capital to not only support projects but provide vetted, curated picks for the launchpads investors.


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