Stavanger, Norway, June 11th, 2024, the decentralized blockchain infrastructure company, has announced the appointment of seasoned blockchain veteran Pradeep Singh to the dual position of Chief Strategy Officer and Chief Commercial Officer.

Pradeep is an experienced strategic leader with an extensive 18-year career specialising in finance and technology. Prior to joining, he was the Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) and Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Nethermind, a prominent blockchain R&D company dedicated to developing the Ethereum and Starknet ecosystem. At Nethermind, Pradeep was instrumental in bootstrapping the company and expanding its presence to over 50 countries. Pradeep’s professional journey also includes senior positions at Unicredit, Voltaire Capital, and Citibank, where he managed global electronic trading teams. His experience and knowledge of distributed systems, and building global fault-tolerant systems have contributed to his success in the blockchain industry. In addition to his corporate roles, Pradeep is an active angel investor, passionately mentoring and supporting innovative startups in the Web3 and FinTech sectors across Europe, MENA (Middle East and North Africa), and Asia. His commitment to fostering new ventures highlights his dedication to advancing the technology and finance landscape.

The announcement continues a vibrant phase of activity for, having recently launched its Node-as-a-Service (NaaS) solution to streamline the integration of node distribution and operation into blockchain projects. NaaS makes it easy for project communities to acquire nodes and contribute to network security and validation, while earning rewards. Upon purchasing a node, users receive a unique Node License NFT for proof of ownership. NaaS works with zkEVM roll ups, not just Optimistic, and enables projects to conduct strategic node sales to generate revenue before their networks go live. Projects can also create tiered options with varying price points, token limits and durations to cater to different requirements

The addition of Pradeep Singh (CSO-CCO and new Co-Founder) completes Gateway’s leadership trifecta, alongside Cuautemoc Weber (CEO and Co-founder) and Igor Mandrigin (CTO and Co-founder). The trio have been iterating together since summer 2023 on establishing a new strategic framework and growth strategy for the Group, underpinned by three core pillars: Presto (PaaS), Infrastructure R&D, and Stakeway (Staking). 

The leadership team. Cuautemoc Weber (CEO and Co-founder), Igor Mandrigin (CTO and Co-founder), and Pradeep Singh (CSO-CCO & new Co-founder).

‘Presto by Gateway’ is the company’s Zero-knowledge based Web3 platform as-a-service (PaaS). Presto is designed from the ground up to greatly simplify deploying and operating Zero-knowledge rollups or sovereign chains, allowing any non-crypto user to deploy a state-of-the-art full E2E zk-validium or zk-rollup within a couple of clicks and minutes at a fraction of the costs when compared to other solutions. By offering automated monitoring features, Presto ensures the ongoing health and performance of blockchain infrastructure, minimizing downtime and disruptions, improving overall network reliability and user experience. Presto enables users to choose between the Gnosis chain and Ethereum as their Layer-1 for zkEVM, and will be adding more networks in Q3 2024, as well as enabling gasless transactions and instant transaction confirmations.

As the first truly decentralized blockchain infrastructure node provider, has an excellent track record in delivering reliable node infrastructure to a host of Web3 clients. By spreading the RPC infrastructure across multiple independent data centers, Gateway ensures that networks become less reliant on any one data center, reducing the risk of a single point of failure. Moreover, with reliable RPC infrastructure, developers can focus on building their applications without worrying about the underlying infrastructure. As core developers for Gnosis and Erigon, Gateway has a knack for modifying the underlying technology to a bespoke application for a host of projects. 

Stakeway by is a premier staking provider offering Enterprise Grade Infrastructure tailored for customers seeking reliable and secure staking solutions. With a focus on performance and trust, we deliver a robust platform. Gateway’s services are designed to optimize staking experience, ensuring seamless operation and maximum returns.

Cuautemoc Weber, CEO and Co-founder of said: “Pradeep brings a wealth of experience to our team, and will play an instrumental role in helping us chart an expansive growth trajectory in 2024 and beyond. Today’s announcement is yet another important milestone in our 2024 roadmap, having already surpassed 25 projects onboarded to our platform and successfully deployed various testnets. We have also expanded into new verticals, from sophisticated on-chain payments, AI, gaming and supply chain, enabling these use cases by architecting and developing the entire solution end to end.”

Igor Mandrigin CTO and Co-founder of said: “Pradeep joins us at a critical juncture in our evolution as a company. Since coming to market, we have received strong market validation from a range of top industry leaders including Polygon, Gnosis, Erigon, NEAR, Lido, Flare, Synthetix and The Ethereum Foundation. We’re thrilled to welcome Pradeep to our team, and look forward to working together in accelerating blockchain adoption.”

Pradeep Singh, CSO, CCO and Co-founder of said: “I’m delighted to join – a company at the forefront of innovation in the private rollups and app-chain development space. It’s an honour to work alongside Temoc, Igor and the entire team at such an exciting time in the company’s development. I’m firmly aligned with Gateway’s mission to simplify the complexities of blockchain, while accelerating deployment capabilities, enhancing security, and making blockchain more accessible to a wider audience.”

About is the first truly decentralised high-performance blockchain infra/node provider, building globally distributed, multi-chain infrastructure designed to help Web3 projects scale seamlessly without allocating resources to configuring or maintaining servers. As the trusted partner of Polygon, Gnosis, Erigon, NEAR, Lido, Flare, Synthetix, and The Ethereum Foundation, helps Web3 and Web2 enterprises leverage zkEVM to reduce costs, improve app security, customization and scalability. also helps Web2 companies seamlessly leverage blockchain technology without disrupting their ways of working allowing faster and easier experimentation of new onchain services.