PRAGUE, Oct. 30, 2023 /PRNewswire/ —  combines proprietary deep neural networks with natural language processing models similar to LLaMa 2 and GPT4 for unmatched market performance. has introduced a next generation AI-powered trading solution that uses generative AI modeling and deep neural networks. This barrier-breaking platform utilizes the power of machine learning to analyze extensive datasets, accurately predicting price movements across various financial markets such as stocks, bonds, indices, commodities, cryptocurrencies, and forex. The result is an effortless user experience and an unparalleled trade success rate.

With each executed trade, improves and refines its market predictions, making it possible for anyone, regardless of prior experience, to invest like a seasoned professional. Accessible via the app or site, requires a minimum deposit of just $300. While some trades are performed automatically, others require a simple one-click approval from the user.

Our state-of-the-art AI-based trading solution is taking the next steps in the evolution of machine learning within the financial industry, continuously improving its ability to generate profits. Our vision is to democratize access to cutting-edge trading technology and empower individuals from any background to achieve financial security,” said Lukas Weber, VP Business Development of “At, we’re doing something truly revolutionary by placing professional-grade trading capacity in the hands of regular people”.

The early adopters to whom the platform was made available prior to launch have reviewed exceptionally positively. has an EU-issued license for providing financial services, including crypto trading. It integrates advanced risk management and hedging tools, has investment caps for each trade, diversifies trading across multiple markets, and provides partial compensation on any unsuccessful trades. revolutionizes trading by making it hands-off and user-friendly, presenting a game-changing investment experience that is both profitable and secure for everyone.

About is a pioneering AI-based trading solution, combining proprietary algorithms and natural language processing models to analyze massive datasets and accurately predict price trajectories across multiple market sectors at once. The platform’s machine-learning capabilities enable it to trade and manage risk with ever-increasing accuracy, empowering users to invest effortlessly at a professional standard.