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Inery Token $INR Goes Live on BitMart Exchange

$INR is live on BitMart Exchange

Singapore, Singapore, 11th November, 2022, Chainwire

$INR is live on BitMart Exchange after several strategic partnerships and a successful listing on Huobi Global. The deposit feature opened on November 9, and the trading feature is set to open on November 11. The BitMart listing comes after the community’s request and voting to list the $INR token on the exchange.

Inery is a proprietary layer-1 blockchain specifically designed to address database management to fuel a paradigm shift in how data is handled. Inery’s native token, $INR, is to be listed on one of the leading and most trusted cryptocurrency exchanges in the world, BitMart, which serves over 9 million users in 180+ nations and supports 800+ crypto trading pairs and over 750 high-quality cryptocurrencies. This opens up an opportunity for Inery to spread its offerings to a wider audience and change the perception and approach to data management while providing value to the everyday user.

Ambitions to Decentralize Data

The way the Inery ecosystem is structured is in a way that breaks entry barriers to Web3. It combines the best of both worlds, the conventional and Web3 spaces, by integrating blockchain functionalities and distributed database properties; and provides an easy-to-use interface to enable the everyday user to easily communicate with the blockchain using layman-level language. Its high-performant, security, and scalability gives Inery different use cases in diverse sectors, including real estate, gaming, finance, governments, healthcare, etc.

Inery also aims to provide interoperability between chains, among other industries, without compromising on performance, scalability, and security. Built atop the proprietary layer 1 blockchain running on memory nodes, its decentralized database management solution (DBMS) enables users to perform CRUD operations as well as have complete ownership and control over their data, such that only users with predefined permissions can access it. This is essential in the technological era where user-generated content and big data are streaming in, and the physical world migrates to the virtual realms but is exposed to big tech manipulation, breaches, losses, etc. 

The $INR token is essential in securing and powering the ecosystem and as a unit of exchange for accessing the decentralized storage of Inery DBMS.


This subsequent listing comes barely over a month since the INR token was successfully listed on Huobi, where it was well received. Prior to that, Inery had launched its first public testnetand launched a set of activities where users are rewarded for completing sets of tasks. The second set of activities is currently ongoing, where the testnet has already registered 2000+ master and lite nodes from over 10 countries worldwide.

Inery has also carried out successful VC rounds, seeing firms like Metavest invest at a valuation of $128 million and Global Emerging Markets (GEM) commit $50 million. Other VC investors include Nebulous Holdings AG, Menas Global, Cap Lion Point, Truth Ventures, and Zazen. It has also strategically partnered with firms like NexBloc and EDDAVerse, and recently inked an MoU with Bharat Electronics Limited(BEL), a Navratna’s PSU that handles the entire Indian PSUs’ technical parts. The project has also been recognized as the “Best Emerging Blockchain Solution” at the Leaders in Fintech 2022 Awards.

Listing Schedule

Inery is scheduled to be listed on BitMart on November 11, with the trading pair: INR/USDT. 

  • Deposits started on 09/11/2022 at 3 PM (UTC)
  • Trading starts on 11/11/2022 at 3 PM (UTC)

About Inery

Inery is a layer-1 blockchain solution designed to open the doorway to Web3 by enabling interoperability among blockchains and a streamlined transition from Web2 to decentralization. Inery’s simple-to-use GUI breaks entry barriers to the blockchain, enabling layman-level communication between end-users and the blockchain, while maintaining high throughput, unparalleled security, privacy, data sovereignty, etc.


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