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Leaping to Lunar Heights: MoonBag Presale Rockets Past Shiba Inu and Dogecoin

MoonBag Presale Rockets Past Shiba Inu and Dogecoin

Investors have been searching the skies for the crypto that will change their fortunes around. Investor frustration is running high due to the volatility of seasoned coins like Dogecoin and Shiba Inu, and attention is fast shifting to newer meme projects with bigger prospects. The crypto community has awaited the arrival of a coin that will mitigate the worries of volatility, and other digital currency challenges associated with scalability, liquidity and security, once and for all. It appears as if the new name, MoonBag (MBAG), is Experts’ pick as the crypto to help mitigate these worries and create a safer and more scalable investment standard.

With a robust blockchain, the MoonBag Monkey has sworn that scalability issues like bottlenecking and high gas fees can become a thing of the past. Moreover, a long-term vision to maintain sustainability along with building sky-high returns may be tempting investors to flock around this new crypto as it voyages towards the moon.

DogeCoin in Turmoil

DogeCoin is a meme coin inspired by the popular meme dog Shiba Inu. Due to the influence of famous personalities like Elon Musk, this coin has gained the attention of many investors. Due to overwhelming economic factors such as the United States’ GDP, DogeCoin has recently suffered a huge hip in prices. Over the past few days, DogeCoin prices have taken a dip. With the death of Kabosu, the dog featured in the DogeCoin Logo, its impact on the coin’s prices is yet to be known. Investors are expecting volatility in its prices because of the recent news. Overall, DogeCoin is currently aiming to maintain its price compared to a possible dip due to volatility.

Shiba Inu – An Expected Dip?

The crypto market has fallen by 3.6% in the daily crypto statistics. Along with a negative impact on sales of other cryptos, Shiba has also experienced a concerning dip of 11.8% in the monthly charts. Musk’s purchase of Shiba Inu coins had given the meme-coin a great initial success in 2022, after which its prices dropped, removing 90% of its value. There was a major surge in cryptocurrencies in the previous year, but with the bearish market for Shiba Inu, and great competition with DogeCoin, investors are concerned about Shiba Inu. Though predictions for the future are difficult, the repeated fluctuations are concerning.

MoonBag Presale Enters 3rd Stage with $700,000 Raised

This fresh new meme coin has entered the second stage of its presale and has already made $700,000. The whitepaper published a few weeks ago by the creators of the coin played a huge part in luring investors towards this coin by offering a range of benefits under the command of the MoonBag Monkey. Adorable and money-smart, the monkey has promised, rather enthusiastically, that transactions on this network will be tax-free. Moreover, with each coin priced at $0.0001, early investors have already earned 30% since the third stage started. A total 9900% ROI has been projected by the end of the presale, for those who invested during the first stage. The meme-coin also offers early staking opportunities for those who choose to invest during the presale stage. Along with spending time with the meme-driven, interactive community, those who jump on this opportunity also stand to make 88% APY’s, receive airdrops and exclusive access to events.

The problem of transparency will not be plaguing those who choose to invest in this coin. The creators of the coin have already renounced the coin’s contract. In the whitepaper, they have also clarified how the profits from the presale of the coin will be used, with 5% for operational costs, 75% for marketing, and 20% for the coin’s liquidity. Unlike many other coins, MoonBag is not likely to crash and burn as soon as the presale is over, because its liquidity has been locked for 2 years.


In a nutshell, the new meme coin MoonBag has much more to offer in its presale than many of its predecessors, like Shiba Inu and Dogecoin. Although the MoonBag spaceship has already begun its voyage to the moon’s centre, there may still be time for stragglers to join.

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