Los Angeles, California, 15th December, 2022

Web3 Sports prediction app Maincard and Myria are joining forces to expand the appeal of NFTs. Maincard will benefit from Myria’s scalability focus as a trusted Ethereum L2 solution through the partnership.

Maincard recently announced its main net launch on the Polygon network. The Web3 sports prediction game went live the day before the 2022 Fifa World Cup kicked off. Core benefits of the platform include novel gameplay dynamics, NFT support, and the ability to earn rewards.

In late November, Maincard unveiled its first prize fund draw. A total of 6,000 MATIC tokens were distributed to the top and most active players on Maincard.io. Users who own a Maincard NFT can place wagers on upcoming events supported by the platform. Whether one wants to place many bets or a few small ones, all options are available within a fair and transparent ecosystem.

Although Maincard is built on Polygon, it is fully compatible with other EVM blockchains. In addition, the collaborative effort with Myria, a trusted Ethereum L2 solution focusing on growth and security, marks a significant milestone. Moreover, Myria is designed to focus on the future of gaming and unlocking the various benefits blockchain technology provides to that industry. 

Several games exist under the Myria banner, including Metarush, Metakart, and Block Royale. Adding a Web3 sports prediction app highlights the potential of Myria and its overall scalability. Moreover, the team is confident NFTs represent much more than virtual art. Non-fungible tokens can serve utility and entertainment purposes, as illustrated by Maincard. 

The play-and-earn nature of Maincard caters to a global audience of sports fans and enthusiasts. Users earn cryptocurrency for correct predictions involving sporting fixtures. Users who earn the most MainCoins receive their share of the prize fund. However, those who make inaccurate predictions will see their Maincard NFT’s life decrease. Restoring life is possible with MainCoins. The currency will also make its way to various exchanges in Q1 2023. 

The partnership with Myria coincides with Maincard adding an NHL sportsbook to its Web3 sports prediction platform. Other support sports on the app include soccer, basketball, and the League of Legends esports scene. More sports will be added over time.

About Maincard

Maincard is a fantasy sports platform deployed on the Polygon network. The app enables gamers to speculate on the outcome of sporting fixtures against one another, receiving rewards via cryptocurrency or NFTs for making correct predictions. The application launched its main net after thorough testing just six months after its founders came up with the idea to spur Web3 adoption via gaming. Maincard hopes its innovative game mechanics will help encourage Web3’s mass adoption among the more than five billion sports fans worldwide.

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About Myria

Myria is the first Ethereum Layer 2 scaling solution built for gaming. We make digital asset trading and blockchain gaming easy with our all-in-one platform, including the Myria NFT marketplace, Myria Wallet, Myria Game Platform, and a decentralized exchange. With the mission of enabling more people to build, experience and enjoy the benefits of blockchain and the metaverse, we are building a suite of developer tools including easy-to-use API integrations and SDKs for developers to easily harness our platform infrastructure to unlock the potential of blockchain. This suite of infrastructure will also underpin the expansive blockchain gaming ecosystem being developed by our gaming division, Myria Studios.

Myria Studios has a variety of free-to-play AAA blockchain games in the pipeline, spanning across genres from light-hearted multiplayer obstacle course games, action-packed battle-royale shooter games, and everything in between.

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