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Market Ignores Binance And Avalanche; Swarms To The Next Big Thing In Town – The Qubetics Whitelist

Market Ignores Binance And Avalanche; Swarms To The Next Big Thing In Town - The Qubetics Whitelist

Imagine stumbling upon a crypto opportunity that stands out from the rest—an opportunity that makes you think twice before skipping. Imagine you invest in this prospect and now think this becomes the next Bitcoin! If you think you are imagining a lot, don’t worry. This was the reality for a lot of early Bitcoin investors. So why can’t it be you the next time?

The crypto market has the potential to multiply your wealth manifold. It can take your cents and turn them into a million-dollar empire. All you have to do is take the leap of faith and invest in the next big thing in crypto town, which is the Qubetics Whitelist. The time is now, the opportunity is ripe, and the potential for immediate gains is high.

So, let’s delve into this opportunity and discuss why the Qubetics whitelist is your gateway to a fortune and why Binance and Avalanche cannot sustain a strong holding in the crypto market. Let’s go!

Binance Focuses On Legal Battles; Investors Skip To The Next Big Opportunity In Crypto 

Did you know that the ex-CEO of Binance is currently serving a four-month prison sentence? The story starts with Binance (BNB) launching as a centralized exchange for digital assets in 2017. It quickly gained traction as 500 coins started changing hands on the platform. Binance also issued their native coin, BNB, which could get you some amazing discounts among other utilities.

But Binance’s glory was short-lived, and in 2018, the SEC accused the founder and then CEO, Changpeng Zhao (CZ), of money laundering. After a fierce battle that ensued, CZ stepped down, pleaded guilty, and faced a massive $4.3 billion fine.

This shocking development shattered the trust of many Binance users and raised serious concerns about the platform’s transparency and investment security. It also made investors look for a more secure and transparent platform available in the market. Currently, investors are making a quick switch to the Qubetics Whitelist. 

Avalanche Prices Dip; Can It Sustain Its Ground And Rival ETH?

Avalanche (AVAX), which entered the crypto world in 2020, is a fairly new platform with one monumental goal: to rival Ethereum. But even though Avalanche had aspirational goals, its journey was turbulent.

Avalanche positioned itself as a faster, more accessible option than its rival and vowed to provide more versatility to the crypto space. Plus, Avalanche uses smart contracts to support projects. But one distinguishing feature of this platform is its commitment to speediness. It is an open-source platform that focuses on building a strong community of loyalists. Investors and enthusiasts can pitch in their ideas to develop the platform.

But all is not so rosy. Avalanche has one major drawback: it rivals Ethereum but does not have the potential to beat it down. Moreover, for someone to become a validator on Avalanche, a hefty investment of 2,000 AVAX coins is required. This costs around $40,000, which is discouraging for smaller players. In the past 24 hours, AVAX’s price has been on a downward spiral. In the past 7 days of writing, AVAX witnessed a 7% drop in its market prices making investors question the AVAX market.

Are You Ready For The Birth Of The Next Bitcoin In Crypto World? Join the Qubetics Whitelist Right Now!

Remember at the start of the article when you imagined catching the next Bitcoin in the making? This is your opportunity to turn this dream into a reality! The Qubetics (TICS) platform is not your typical blockchain space; it is where digital innovation meets traditional finance. It is revolutionary! TICS aims to make digital finance an accessible option for everyone around the globe, making financial freedom a common phenomenon and not just for the elite.

Qubetics (TICS) is a layer 1 blockchain that seeks to transform the crypto landscape. It is non-custodial and offers many other remarkable features. Sign up for the whitelist and find out for yourself!

Also, if you join the TICS Whitelist right now, you get exclusive access to the upcoming Qubetics presale at the lowest possible price. Additionally, whitelisted members are notified two days before the presale is officially launched. This gives you an advantage over the masses!

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The crypto town can sometimes be too chaotic for the mind. The sheer amount of available coins and platforms can indeed overwhelm anybody. But when it comes to making the right investment choice, there are only a few notable features. 

A platform that offers user-friendliness, security, and transparency, along with a revolutionary goal, is definitely up for huge success. And the Qubetics Whitelist is just this! It is your gateway to financial freedom. While Binance and Avalanche struggle with their own challenges, the Qubetics whitelist is your call to glory. Sign up now!

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