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Meta Force Metaverse Unveiled by the Team, Led By CEO Lado Okhotnikov

Meta Force Metaverse Unveiled by the Team, Led By CEO Lado Okhotnikov

Dubai, UAE, May 26th, 2024

Meta Force launches first block of Metaverse, aiming to revolutionize business in the metaverse with Lado Okhotnikov

Meta Force Metaverse, a groundbreaking product introduced by Lado Okhotnikov’s team, announce its coming. The company released its inaugural Metaverse block. This marks the completion of the initial phase of development for the Meta Force platform.

The team has successfully implemented essential functionality, software core, marketplace features and crucial payment tools. All elements were tested to ensure its security and robustness. It provided a solid foundation for delivering high-quality services to users.

The platform was built upon network marketing principles to support multi-level organization. Additional features were incorporated to customize the platform to meet the specific needs of businesses. It has since evolved into an ideal hub for network-based businesses.

Meta Force by Lado Okhotnikov launches the space for business-focused community

The project was conceived with a pragmatic focus. It serves as a place for business-driven individuals in the business realm. The resource has implemented top-tier marketing practices and established infrastructure with the possibility of individual approach. Earnings within the project depend on project contributions made to it. The platform has also created a comfortable business environment aligned with its objectives and functionality. It offers all necessary resources to facilitate effortless business operations.

The metaverse comprises a range of products developed by the project team. The ecosystem uses the code tailored to harness the work of the blockchain. It is actually the basis of the Meta Force platform that perfectly suits all market participants due to its customized structure. Developed with a focus on network marketing, it has resulted in a network that seamlessly fulfills the needs of ecosystem members.

Why Meta Force platform stands out

The platform prioritizes:

• Strong security measures;

• Long-term sustainability;

• Transparency;

• Commitment to equality;

• Incorporation of gamification elements.

The decentralized nature of the crypto ensures resilience against unauthorized access attempts. The cryptocurrencies are protected by cryptographic protection. The system has demonstrated the capability to sustain operations and functionality over time without succumbing to external threats or internal vulnerabilities. Additionally, the platform’s scalability is worthwhile mentioning. The system can accommodate growing users’ demand and transaction volumes.

The platform’s tailored structure prioritizes transparency, which is one of the platform’s core principles. The participants interact via smart contracts. There is no biased attitude since equality is rooted in the code. Notably, the automatic execution of smart contracts facilitates an openness principle, further enhancing transparency. 

To make working processes more thrilling, gamification elements were integrated to the platform. The system, built on the Polygon network, boasts stability of business operations and scalability, allowing it to easily adapt to business demands. Utilizing Forcecoin as its native token, the platform has seen a steady increase in its user base At the time of writing, the customer base includes one and a half million customers.

The recent update aimed to introduce new services and improve overall performance. It also served as a preparatory stage for the platform’s future integration of the metaverse. Renovations also enabled the preparatory stage for the forthcoming launch. 

The business hub was established by Lado Okhotnikov, who is a crypto expert and visionary behind the Meta Force ecosystem. 


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