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METABLAZE announces its plan to recreate the success of top cryptocurrency metaverse projects

METABLAZE announces its plan to recreate the success of top cryptocurrency metaverse projects

The Metaverse is a new buzzword for another world powered by augmented reality that represents the actual world and allows individuals to socialize, work, play games, buy/sell real estate, and earn money in a variety of ways.

The Metaverse and Blockchain-Gaming are a great match that is changing the online gaming business forever.

MetaBlaze is integrating high-quality in-game character NFTs within its Blockchain-based gaming Metaverse. Blockchain-based play-to-earn games are recognized as one of the most exciting innovations within the gaming ecosystem in recent years, and MetaBlaze is integrating high-quality in-game character NFTs within its Blockchain-based gaming Metaverse.

Metablaze token

Users may expect high-resolution graphics and a fully immersive 3D environment in which magical creatures known as NFTs battle for dominance of the Metaverse across multiple worlds.

Virtual real estate has emerged as a significant source of wealth for both gamers and non-gamers. As sales of virtual real estate in the Metaverse reach new heights, MetaBlaze will play a key role in this trend by adding property ownership as one of its game strategies; virtual lands are accessible to buy, rent, sell, or tax within MetaBlaze’s gaming Metaverse.

The purpose of a Blockchain Gaming-Metaverse is to break free from the current gaming industry’s traditional corporate structures and revenue extraction practices. Because of the unique nature of blockchain gaming, gamers may be able to participate in more egalitarian ways. It also implies that each Metaverse resident owns a piece of the Metaverse.

MetaBlaze is a one-stop shop for everything

MetaBlaze (MBLZ), a GameFi X DeFi utility coin, promises to be one of the fastest-growing cryptocurrencies in 2022, with striking similarities to top Metaverse-themed cryptocurrencies.

MetaBlaze (MBLZ) is a DeFi x GameFi utility token that will be used as the native currency in a forthcoming blockchain-based play-to-earn game. MBLZ, which is deflationary by nature, intends to withdraw 48 percent of its total supply from circulation, a process known as “Token Burning.”

MBLZ is developed on the Binance Smart Chain, and an ERC20 token will be released in the coming months to allow the MetaBlaze ecosystem to function together. Furthermore, its decentralized application “BlazedApp” serves as the key center for the entire ecosystem, providing users with a variety of services.

MetaBlaze is building a network of value-added utilities that operate together to offer continuous and simultaneous funding to its economy, and it includes unique token features including an AI-driven price stabilization mechanism.

MetaBlaze is pursuing a tactical approach to steadily strengthen market resiliency and serve as the required foundation for establishing sustainable and scalable economies while maximizing the long-term interests of holders. The MetaBlaze Whitepaper can be found here.

Ecosystem Features:

• BlazedApp

• Rewards in MBLZ & BUSD

• In-game character NFT collections

• Multi Chain BSC/ERC20

• NFT Marketplace

• Blockchain

• Play-to-Earn Gaming

• Farming Grounds

• Staking

• Metaverse

• Virtual Real Estate

• BlazeSwap

The Pre-Sale for the Initial Token Offering (ITO) is now open

The METABLAZE presale is an exclusive opportunity to join in on the ground floor and buy (MBLZ) tokens at a discount before they are listed on public cryptocurrency exchanges.

Presale buyers will receive their MBLZ tokens through airdrop before the actual launch. The presale token price is $0.00007764 per MBLZ at the moment, and it is projected to climb throughout the presale. Register For Presale Here

Owners of MetaRoyal NFTs have unique access to games and are eligible for continuous passive income based on secondary sales of every NFT created by METABLAZE; with 40,000 NFTs produced every year, the earning potential is limitless. Owners of MetaRoyals earn 10% of royalty payments from OpenSea, the major NFT marketplace.

The phase 1 presale is now live, and this special MetaRoyal collection is only available at that time. Visit the MetaBlaze website for additional information, or join the TELEGRAM to speak with the founding team.


MetaBlaze is a DeFi and GameFi utility token designed for the Metaverse. A deflationary utility token built on Binance Smart Chain (BEP20). METABLAZE is adeptly designed with a unique rewards system, OpenSea-minted NFT’s, and a focus on sustainable long-term growth through our innovative Decentralized Application: BLAZEdApp.



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