BOGOTA, Colombia, Nov. 30, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Arity, a luxury conglomerate led by jewelry industry veterans, announced its plans to develop an NFT collection in collaboration with Miss Universe Colombia 2022 title holder, Maria Fernanda Aristizábal. The digital collectibles will allow fans to get a piece of the beauty pageant’s history while exploring the innovative use cases of Web3 technology.

The collectible series launched by Arity includes unique coronation night jewels embellished with emeralds worth up to $2M represented digitally, a 1:1 unique digital asset of Miss Universe Colombia, the first in a multi-year series set to highlight past and future pageant winners in the country and a series of drawings to be sold as charitable NFTs, created by the children of the Chivor mine region – also known as the hometown of the world’s most renowned emeralds.

This year’s Miss Universe Colombia titleholder, Maria Fernanda Aristizabal will become Arity’s ambassador for high-end jewelry backed by NFTs and share with her community the innovation behind digital assets: “Colombia is known for its natural beauty, its rich culture, and for being the vanguard of innovation in Latin America. I am very thankful that my collaboration with Arity captures all the richness of my country in an immutable digital form and showcases it to the world. I am looking forward to the opportunity to empower the next generation of innovators by giving back to the community which gave me so much already,” said Maria Fernanda Aristizabal.

Digital Assets Evolving the Value Of High-End Jewelry

Miss Universe Colombia 2022, Maria Fernanda, will wear high-end jewelry pieces during the pageant, featuring emeralds of the finest quality valued at $1.5M and a $2M emerald necklace designed by world-renowned designer and member of the royal family of UAE, Sheikha Fatima AlQassimi. Each jewel will have a digital counterpart tracing the entire history of its creation and the craftsmanship that went into turning gems into beautiful pieces of unique high-end jewelry.

“Arity strives to innovate the traditional high-end jewelry sector. We are using digital asset counterparts to physical jewelry to build flawless chains of custody for prized possessions, to immortalize artists’ craftsmanship, and to fulfill collectors’ desires for memorable experiences,” said Ismael Fleing, co-founder of Arity.

NFTs and Philanthropy, A New Way of Giving Back

Through an educational series and public talks, Miss Aristizábal will educate on the potential of blockchain technology across the continent. In addition, a collection of philanthropic NFTs represented by drawings from the children living in Chivor will be sold to fund their regional technology school department.

Thanks to blockchain technology, these charitable donations have the unique advantages of full transparency for donors, and complete control over fundraising with no third parties involved.

“We’re proud to feature children’s art intertwined with the newest technologies of NFTs to bring attention to minority communities and gather international support to empower and inspire new generations to keep dreaming,” added Daniel Martín, co-founder of Arity.

About Arity
Arity is a Web3 company using blockchain to innovate the market of luxury goods. Arity brings forward generations of experience in emerald sourcing, mining, jewelry design, and deep crypto and NFT knowledge. Arity’s technology builds flawless chains of custody for precious possessions and immortalizes human craftsmanship in high-end jewelry and exotic experiences.

About Miss Universe Colombia

​​Miss Universe Colombia is a beauty pageant and an organization conceived in Colombia to select the country’s representative to the Miss Universe pageant. The current titleholder is María Fernanda Aristizábal of Quindío.

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