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MoonBag Announces Massive Influx of Solana & Cardano Users as MBAG Reveals 88% Staking APY

Investors Flock to MoonBag Crypto Staking as ADA & SOL See Drops.

Can cryptocurrencies fund your dream holiday? Yes, when chosen carefully, cryptos can do more than finance an exotic, all-expense-paid trip to the Caribbeans. They can even pay off your mortgage. Folks who keep getting burned with cryptocurrencies keep making the wrong coin choices. The volatile nature of the crypto market doesn’t necessarily reflect the status of all coins. For instance, Solana’s network problems are its own fault. At the same time, Cardano’s downward price could have been totally eroded. 

However, not all coins suffer from these drawbacks. New-generation meme coins like MoonBag Coin have been carefully crafted to avoid these errors. Currently in its fifth presale stage, MoonBag crypto is trading at $0.00015. Investors who join the meme coin presale now will have their coins staked for them and witness their value grow until the presale ends in November when the coin will trade for $0.025. 

Solana Stumbles Again as Network Outage Leaves Investors in the Dark

In another disappointing rollout that is now characteristic of its network, Solana recently suffered its 11th major outage in two years. As you’d expect, each network outage disrupts transactions and operations on its network, leading to a line of disgruntled users. These unsatisfied users ultimately start feeling that Solana is unreliable, which is downright wrong for a dApp that aims to support financial transactions. 

With these outages occurring, Individuals and institutional investors have engaged in steady sell-offs of the SOL since they’re unable to process their transactions, which leads to missed opportunities and an unpleasant feeling of discontent.

Cardano Network Glitches Spark Investor Worries as ADA Takes a Hit

Everyone knows Cardano for its technical robustness, unlike Solana, which has frequent lights out. This is why its major network outages, which caused disruptions in smart contract executions, shocked every stakeholder in the ADA project and the cryptoverse at large, causing widespread frustration. 

The primary cause of these outages was identified as a series of bugs in the newly deployed network code, which led to unexpected behaviour in the blockchain’s consensus mechanism, causing nodes to fall out of sync and transactions to stall. The immediate consequence of these outages was a noticeable drop in ADA’s value. Market reactions were swift, with ADA’s price falling by approximately 8% within 24 hours of the first major outage report. This price drop reflected the technical challenges and the shaken confidence of investors who began questioning the network’s reliability.

MoonBag Crypto Staking Sees Massive Influx of ADA & SOL Holders 

With 750% ROI already made for early MBAG coin holders, MoonBag crypto is, without doubt, the best crypto presale in June 2024 and the most secure so far. When MoonBag premiered, it traded at $0.00002. The price has climbed a healthy 750% to $0.00015. This shows that MoonBag is more than a meme coin; it’s here to solidify your chances at financial security. 

MoonBag staking is live, as Investors can start staking their coins right after buying them, getting the projected 88% annual return. MoonBag’s referral system allocates 5% of all MoonBag coins in circulation to stakers who’ve chosen to indulge in referrals. This means you can snatch a sizable chunk of 4,816,875,000 MBAG coins allocated should you choose to refer to others. All you have to do is lock up your MoonBag crypto and watch your bags ride to the moon!

MoonBag meme coin presale appeal stems from the buyback and burn plan integrated by its development team into special milestones of its growth. Chances are, these mechanisms may seem inexplicable to you at the moment. As such, we invite you to check out the MoonBag Presale page and review their white paper. 


Cardano and Solana’s frequent network outages will continually witness their token value drop as investors understandably scamper for safety. In fact, if these token price plunges have taught anybody anything, crypto investments better be left to special meme coins with well-defined ROI projections and solid scalability strategies like MoonBag Crypto. 

MoonBag is a great investment choice. It is not a dApp and isn’t subject to wild price fluctuations based on the stability of its network. We strongly recommend that you get into the MoonBag presale as soon as you can, see your coins staked for you, and claim up to a healthy 1,665% ROI come November. 

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