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MoonBag Coin Thrives While ChainGPT & Chainlink Give in to Competitive Pressure

MoonBag Coin Thrives While ChainGPT & Chainlink Give in to Competitive Pressure

Did you know that investing in the right coin can give you the chance to earn millions in no time? It’s true! People who became the first investors of crypto giants like Bitcoin are now thriving in luxury from the profit they gained through these coins. But since every coin, including some of the popular ones right now, like ChainGPT, Chainlink, or MoonBag coin, works differently, it is crucial to look into what they offer before investing in them. 

Fortunately, crypto analysts have made things easier by researching the above coins already. According to their reports, the MoonBag coin has taken the lead over the other two and has already become a part of the best meme coin presale this year! This was further proven when the MoonBag coin ended up raising more than $1,500,000 in the first few stages of its live presale, which is a feat that not many meme coins had ever achieved before! 

ChainGPT Stays in the Red Zone 

Similar to the MoonBag coin, ChainGPT is also a new project in the crypto market – but unlike MoonBag, the project was not able to reach the same level of success. As a project that was focused on improving services that are AI powered, ChainGPT has a long way to go before it can fulfil its intended purpose. 

Due to its AI model, ChainGPT is a constant victim to regulatory and legal challenges. Consequently, it places it at the forefront of privacy and ethical concerns raised by stakeholders and authorities involved in matters related to ChainGPT. In addition to that, it relies on third-party data sources that can present a risk of data manipulation and system breaches. 

Chainlink Requires Infrastructure Upgrades 

Chainlink went through a price fall of over 3% recently, and it could possibly succumb to further reduction down the line, seeing as it hasn’t had an upward trend since the price drop. 

There are several reasons why one should abstain from getting into Chainlink. It has no utility within its ecosystem, and its value is gained speculatively since its staking platform is not online. Utility is one of the major deciding factors in whether enterprises will adopt the coin or not. And since there is too much uncertainty surrounding the coin, investors prefer to keep it as a last resort. 

MoonBag Coin Surpasses Existing Meme Coins 

The MoonBag coin, however, has become everyone’s first choice. And those who are becoming the early birds to the MoonBag presale are getting their MBAG coins staked at 88% APY while also getting VIP passes to exclusive and awesome events, including various fantastic airdrops! 

Moreover, through its highly advanced Saturn V Rocket, MoonBag is able to offer even more benefits to those who take flight on their rocket project. Other than ensuring strong security protocols, passengers of the Saturn V Rocket do not have to deal with high gas fees, and there is no need to pay tax because of its strict no-tax policy. The MoonBag coin holders are also able to connect with different coins and DeFi platforms, therefore improving their experience of the MoonBag presale!


Investors can also connect their wallets to obtain referral codes through MoonBag’s referral program. Once they get the codes, they can share them with friends, family, or their crypto community and then gain 10% extra MBAG coins when those codes are being used. 


It will take a while before ChainGPT and Chainlink can earn a good place in the meme coin presale. But since the MoonBag coin is already there, investors and crypto fans can make the most out of its features – such as getting 15,000% ROI and better liquidity strategies – by simply joining the live presale that is soon to enter its 5th stage and bring even more gains for investors worldwide! 

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