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MoonBag Meme Coin Takes Over the Crowd from Theta and Dogeverse

MoonBag Meme Coin Takes Over the Crowd from Theta and Dogeverse

Did you hear about the up-and-coming buzz of the MoonBag crypto? Its presale is ongoing and has hit the milestone of reaching the fourth stage. The MoonBag coin is already shaking up the crypto scene, and the groundbreaking 900,000 USD raised by the meme coin has broken records!

Theta and Dogeverse earned a respectable name as they entered the crypto arena. Dogeverse brought a virtual touch to the digital world of crypto. Its base was set in the cute dog meme and this correlation was enough to engage netizens towards the coin like bees to the nectar! However, this hype was short-lived and the skyrocketing MoonBag presale stole the show, causing enthusiasts to jump ship and move to MoonBag. Who lets the winning side go, after all? Theta, on the other hand, introduced video-based trading and leveraged the power of media in cryptocurrency. Both coins seem to be dulled by the sparkle of MBAG coins. 

The Last Glimmers of Dogeverse

The coin gave a robust and secure virtual setting for the enthusiasts to experience Dogeverse in full glory. It is not just confined to the simple trading of coins. NFTs were also included in its features where users can sell, buy, and create their NFTs in the dynamic metaverse. The meme element combined with the metaverse’s social aspect made it popular among community-driven users. 

The level of creative and innovative freedom offered by Dogeverse makes it enthralling with the options to create and put monetary value to fascinating digital art pieces. The gaming options make the whole idea an immersive one. However, all of these exciting elements combined could not survive the high tide of MoonBag. People did not hesitate to transfer their investments towards the more lucrative MoonBag. 

Theta’s Video rewards

Theta filled the gap in the market and solved a problem for users in return for the coin and it worked quite well. The coin dedicated its spare bandwidth and resources for video sharing over the digital platform. As more users drive towards it, more bandwidth is created for high-speed streaming videos. 

Theta’s current validator nodes are world-famous companies like Google and Samsung. The official Theta Wallet app is used to hold or stake THETA and TFUEL tokens. The coin is a product of Theta Labs and lately has collaborated with various platforms to expand its usage for a higher quality video streaming service. 

The Clean Sweep by the MoonBag Meme Coin

MoonBag has taken the crypto-verse to a whole new level of cosmic returns in its presale stage only! It has created a wild buzz in the industry with its current price at $0.00013 in the fourth stage of the MoonBag presale! The profits are speaking for the higher altitudes this rocketship is destined to reach. 

The mascot monkey of MoonBag is laser-focused on making it a win for all. Its referral program enables you to share your point of entry to the limited pool of coins by assigning you a referral code to share with friends and family. The people who buy the coins using your referral code get 10% extra $MBAG coins on their purchases. This is your cue to start sharing away before the limited coins of presale run out!

Get MoonBag

You can simply connect your wallet or create a True or Metamask wallet to the website’s official page. The next step is to load the wallet up with as many coins of crypto of your choice as you desire. Use these coins to fuel your profits by buying MBAG coins!


Theta and Dogeverse offer a dynamic set of returns and benefits for their users. Their advanced technology and innovative aura drove the crowd towards them. However, the unprecedented success of MoonBag has enticed enthusiasts to move towards one of the best meme coin presales of the year. Join the meme coin presale now to claim rewards. 

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