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MoonBag Presale Could be the End of Dogeverse and Kangamoon with its Exciting Features and High Returns


Did you know that over twenty thousand cryptocurrencies have been launched since Bitcoin hit the market? However, how many can a crypto investor name? Probably not more than a dozen. With Dogeverse and Kangamoon hype dying down, it has become apparent that the two could have the same fate of fading into nothingness. 

The MoonBag crypto entered the market at just the right time to show other coins how it is done. The Ethereum-based meme coin has features that indicate a positive future for the crypto project. 

Let’s analyse the latest developments surrounding Dogeverse and Kangamoon and see how MoonBag differs from the two. 

Dogeverse Liquidity Problems Make Investors Jump Ship to MoonBag 

Dogeverse is one of the new meme coins that has created much hype during its presale. The biggest reason behind the popularity of Dogeverse is that it will be launching on six blockchains simultaneously. 

However, the hype for Dogeverse has started fading as MoonBag entered the market. Along with the security issues surrounding Dogeverse, the liquidity issue also drives investors away. Dedicating 10% for liquidity compared to the 20% set aside by MoonBag shows the lack of commitment from Dogeverse to the future of the project. 

BitMart Listing Fails to Turn the Tide for Kangamoon

As a meme coin currently in its presale, Kangamoon is trying to find its place in a world full of Dogecoin and Bitcoin. 

Kangamoon is also facing strong competition from MoonBag. The news of its listing on the centralised exchange BitMart also failed to increase investors’ excitement about Kangamoon. 

MoonBag Presale Nears the 5th Stage, Raised Over 1.5 Million USD in the Process

MoonBag is the crypto every investor has their eyes set on for various reasons. The Ethereum-based meme coin offers smooth scaling functionality and has plans to protect its investors’ assets. The MoonBag crypto will also set aside 20% for liquidity that will be used for buyback and burn events to increase the scarcity of the MBAG coins. Currently, the MoonBag presale is in the 4th stage, with each coin priced at $0.00015. 

Those who invest in the current stage will enjoy an ROI of 1233% once the MoonBag coin has its official launch and reaches the price of $0.0020. Investors can also start staking during presale and enjoy an APY of 88%. You can head on over to MoonBag’s website and finish buying MBAG coins in a few simple steps. You can fill up your Metamask or Trust Wallet with the cryptocurrency of your choice and use it to buy MBAG coins. 

MoonBag Referral Programme

Upon completing your purchase, you will get a referral code from the website that you can share with others. With every purchase completed through your referral code, you will get 10% extra MBAG coins in your wallet. You can also win exciting prizes every month if your code is used by the highest number of people. 

Conclusion – The Meme Coin Worth the Hype

Meme coins can help people find a community of like-minded people and have fun while also making money. However, not every meme coin can lead you to financial success, and sometimes, they are just overhyped, like Dogeverse and Kangamoon. From time to time, there will still be meme coins like MoonBag that understand their role and deliver accordingly. You can also head to MoonBag’s presale to grab your MBAG coins and join the next meme coin revolution. 

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