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MoonBag’s Top meme coin presale in 2024 Sends Investors Over the Moon: Ripple and Binance Stumble

MoonBag’s Stellar Crypto Presale: Top Meme Coin Presale in 2024

Does this crypto season have the potential to turn your fortunes around? Many investors are scratching their heads when looking at the crypto market today because not many viable options are available. Ripple and Binance, among many other cryptos, are stumbling on a variety of issues. However, a new morning has dawned courtesy of the new meme coin, MoonBag, and its presale is bursting with prospects. 

MoonBag’s long term vision is intended to take investors a long way with sky-high returns promised, along with a focus on sustainability and liquidity. The MoonBag presale has already made $1.5 million and progressed to the fourth stage at breakneck speed. Investors’ interest and confidence in the coin is making many wonder if this may just be the top meme coin presale of 2024. 

Ripple: The Volatility Master

Ripple is a transaction platform that allows effective transactions with no confirmation time required. Since the past year, rippling prices have been extremely volatile, with continuous peaks and surges. As of now, data charts tell that Ripple isn’t in very good shape, and it’s affected by volatility in its latest dip. In a startling turn of events, Ripple is expected to sell off 400 million Ripple coins or XRP, during the month of June to maintain its infrastructure and project development costs. 

Though the project had prospects of outshining networks like Ethereum, we now wait for a resurge in prices. If you are looking to invest in more stable and sustainable projects that have a decided code for ensuring price stability during the pre-sale, MoonBag is a great choice. 

Binance – Price Chart History

Binance is a cryptocurrency trading platform that caters to the international market. It gained great popularity initially because of a user-friendly experience that attracted investors. Yearly price charts show that Binance had to go through a rough patch of around 4 to 5 months, starting from the previous year before its sales improved, showing that Binance was also a target of market dips. 

As of now, Binance prices are soaring, perhaps because of the discount system that rewards loyal crypto customers by returning their investments. One of the cons of Binance is that it doesn’t allow fiat to crypto trading, you must be a holder of cryptocurrency for trading through Binance. If you are looking for less complex means of investment, MoonBag is your way to go. 

MoonBag Presale: Will it Top the Charts and Win All Hearts?

Many in the crypto community have hopped onto the MoonBag crypto ship since the very beginning of its presale due to the promise of a 9,900% ROI at the end. However, for those who choose to buy in now, attractive returns await. By the time the fifth stage begins, an ROI of 33.3% has been projected for those who invest now. The returns will also keep mounting as the presale progresses. Unlike the meager APY offerings made by other coins during presale staking, MoonBag is offering a shocking 88% APY. 

In order to maintain this level of viability and profitability, the creators of the coin have also focused on the sustainability of MoonBag. The liquidity of the meme coin has been locked for two years, and 20% of the entire profit made during the presale has been dedicated to ensuring the liquidity of the coin after the presale. Worried sick by transparency issues? The contract for MoonBag was renounced even before the presale began, and the whitepaper has a clear outline of how profits made will be spent throughout the journey. With tax-free transactions and scalability solutions, MoonBag hasn’t left much lacking.

Referrals FTW:

By logging onto the MoonBag website and connecting your wallet, you can create your own referral code. When used during buying, it can help your friends gain 10% extra coins and help you win exciting prizes.  


The MoonBag Presale has quickly progressed and made great profits. With the MoonBag coin projected to gain value over time, even after the presale ends, now is the time to buy in. As Ripple and Binance slowly get to one issue after another that they must fix, the top presale of 2024 may close soon. 

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