Solna, Sweden , Nov. 17, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Mountain Technologies is set to transform the crypto economy with its automated bot trading that uses third party-strategies. As a tech solution company, Mountain Technologies is aiming to capture the cryptocurrency market with the best trading tool. Being the leading innovators, Mountain Technologies had launched a unique on-chain arbitrage strategy.

Decentralized finance has experienced unprecedented trade volume growth in recent times and is still showing signs of increase. In this regard a “state of the art” Mountain Technologies’ licensed hedge fund has been planned to be carried out according to phase 1, phase 2, and phase 3, starting from 2022 to 2025. These phases will oversee the launch of the BSC Fund, Polygon Fund, and Cross Chain Fund respectively.

To stay competitive in the market, Mountain Technologies’ is one of the very pioneers in leading on-chain arbitrage. Mainly targeting decentralise exchange where trading is totally transparent, Mountain Technologies is aiming to conquer as much blockchain as possible. With artificial intelligence, quantum computing, and machine learning, their bot is capable of scanning 200 blocks every 3 secs to seek profit opportunities. Information’s are analysed using predefined trading strategies to derive useful and applicable metrics.

Routing the market to make a profit consistently requires a lot of research that has been put in beforehand by Mountain Technologies team of experts which consist of all the necessary field areas. Since the market is open 24 hours, it means it will be near impossible for humans to keep up with its trading activities, and in this case, an automated crypto bot will be used to provide a high-performance trade with speed, consistency, emotionless and proper scaling bringing about an efficient and desirable trading outcome.

Funds are collected by the parent company, Mountain Capital Fund which will guarantee their safety. Furthermore, the servers across the different locations globally entail minimal risk of data loss. Company has currently developed an arbitrage bot on BSC and Pancake Swap DEX and its aiming to develop on different blockchain like Polygon and other blockchain soon.

About MT
An international business company registered in Seychelles 2020, with its headquarters in Sweden (located in same building with Hewlett-Packard). Mountain Technologies is also a subsidiary of Mountain Capital Fund, the parent company located at Cayman Island. Mountain Technologies platforms help users grow their crypto investments, using a feature-rich terminal and automated bots that operate across all decentralise exchanges.





Address:       Gustav III: s Boulevard 34169, 73 Solna Sweden

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