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New Hope for Crypto Enthusiasts: Qubetics Whitelist Gains Momentum as Arbitrum and Toncoin Face Challenges

Qubetics Whitelist Soars Amid ARB and TON Challenges

How do you secure your slice of the profit pie in this dynamic market? Cryptocurrencies have always been considered highly profitable, especially for those who invest in the early stages. For instance, investors who bought Bitcoin (BTC) early on became overnight millionaires as the coins gained value over time. Similarly, Arbitrum (ARB) and Toncoin (TON) created a new wave of crypto millionaires during their early presales. Did you secure massive profits from these coins? Well, let’s not stick to missed opportunities while new ones still await.

A new contender has emerged, named Qubetics (TICS), which is shaking the foundations of the crypto market.  Qubetics is a layer-1 blockchain aiming to revolutionise the crypto industry. Amidst the recent market uncertainties surrounding Arbitrum and Toncoin, investors are flocking to Qubetics whitelist, which has emerged as a source of hope for investors. The whitelist opened recently and is quickly filling up as investors run to secure spaces. Will this captivating project restore investors’ hope in this uncertain market? Let’s find out!

Can Toncoin Overcome Its Origins and SEC Lawsuit?

Toncoin (TON), originally created by Telegram, was in trouble when the U.S. SEC sued, and as a result, Telegram discontinued the project in 2020. Even though Toncoin was revived by unaffiliated developers who took up the initiative independently, some issues still linger. The fact that the project is independent of Telegram does not mean that there will be no regulatory challenges or technological problems in the future. 

The first SEC lawsuit has not been entirely dismissed, and $TON’s erratic price history, coupled with market risks, is concerning for investors. Although the recent integrations with Telegram offer potential, the long-term sustainability and security of Toncoin are still doubtful due to further regulation and unpredictable fluctuations.

Arbitrum’s Ambitions Face Scepticism Amidst Uncertainty and Dispute Resolution Concerns

Arbitrum (ARB), a layer-2 solution for Ethereum (ETH), aims to address Ethereum’s scalability issues using Optimistic Rollup (OR) technology to increase transaction speed and reduce fees.  Although Arbitrum offers gas fees and reduced block space, its adoption of OR technology has drawbacks regarding dispute resolution compared to other technologies, such as ZK-rollups. 

Furthermore, despite the opportunities provided, its implementation in Arbitrum Nova via data availability committees leads to higher centralisation and security concerns. The project’s long-term sustainability and the governance model’s applicability in practice in a fluctuating market are still uncertain.

Qubetics ICO Whitelist: A Game-Changer in Crypto Investments

Qubetics’ (TICS) much-awaited whitelist for the next crypto ICO aims to revolutionise the current crypto market through its approach. The whitelist guarantees early investors several benefits such as buying coins at relatively cheaper prices than the general public. This is a massive opportunity to create massive generational wealth as the coins gain value with time.  

Operating on a Layer-1 blockchain, Qubetics (TICS) has created an environment that constantly evolves and embraces innovations to meet the needs of new and professional investors. Those who join the whitelist will receive an email 48 hours before the start of the presale.

Why Should You Join a Presale Early?

Joining presales at early stages can greatly benefit early investors in many ways. First, participants can purchase coins at cheaper rates than before they are released to the public, which can lead to big profits once the coins go live. Second, presales often provide bonus coins or additional privileges to attract investors to contribute early. In general, becoming part of presales at an early stage can provide financial benefits and a sense of involvement and influence in emerging projects.


Investing early in promising crypto projects can offer massive returns that lead to financial freedom and influence in shaping development. The Qubetics (TICS) whitelist offers a chance to purchase coins for a lower price and gain early access to an innovative Layer 1 blockchain platform. As a project that aims to adapt and address market demands, Qubetics can change the course of things in the crypto world. Don’t miss out—join the Qubetics whitelist today!

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