SINGAPORE, Aug. 24, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — NFT marketplace Oases announced its mainnet launch on August 24, 2022. Oases is a non-custodial, on-chain NFT marketplace built on Ethereum that supports truly decentralized trading and facilitates the minting and trading of NFTs between creators and investors.

Oases v1.1 features the Advanced Trading Mode, allowing sellers to list their NFTs on Ethereum and buyers to trade directly by calling a smart contract, reflecting the decentralization spirit of the Web 3.0 space.

Oases v1.1 also guarantees Instant Royalty Payment. The customizable royalties from sales of NFT will be distributed via on-chain transfers immediately after a deal is executed. It also provides Batch Order Cancellation, allowing users to delist multiple NFT orders all in one transaction.

Democratized NFT experience

Oases is set to bring its main feature of Oases Seedpad to NFT projects and buyers shortly after its mainnet launch.

NFT creators issue more “tickets” than the number of NFTs in the collection. Users buy tickets, the platform initiates a decentralized draw, then some lucky user gets the NFTs while the others share the royalties from secondary market sales of the NFT collection. The winners can obtain expensive digital art with ultra-low cost, and the ones missing out can still get a proportion of the following royalties on this item, which, for all everyone, is a combination of fun and income opportunity.

The Seedpad feature is designed to solve the current issue around NFT drops. Setting an alarm for a flash sale usually involves a lot of gas war and disappointment; the whitelist selling mode, on the other hand, is constantly criticized for being centralized, without transparency.

What to expect

Among many plans on its roadmap, Oases is preparing an NFT deposit-to-earn feature which will allow users to gain passive income by depositing NFTs and farming rewards. To build its community, it provides a creator verification system to reward active creators with long-term incentives such as reduced fees and personalized service, etc.

To celebrate the mainnet launch, Oases is rolling out a one-month transaction fee & gas fee reimbursement event to thank early adopters. A weekly mission program is being implemented to give engaging users points in the form of Palm Coins, which could be exchanged for rewards and benefits or converted into native tokens in the future.The Oases genesis NFT collection, which features hundreds of hand-drawn animals, as disclosed on Oases Twitter, will be released after the mainnet launch with exclusive benefits for its holders being finalized.


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