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Mojo Melee Charity Smackdown Tournament Brought Together The Biggest Names In Web3 Gaming For A Good Cause

Planet Mojo, the hotly anticipated Web3 gaming metaverse developed by Mystic Moose, hosted the 2022 Mojo Melee Charity Smackdown Tournament on Friday, December 9th. Eight leading voices within the Web3 gaming industry competed to earn $2,500 for a charity of their choice. Following a heated final showdown between the final two remaining competitors, influencer Brycent won the honor for Black Girls Code, a nonprofit providing technology education for African American youth. 

Participants included BoredElonMusk, Brycent, The Crypto Herd, CryptoStache, JonahBlake, Mostafa of Polkastarter Gaming, ReadyPlayer Rich of ReadyPlayer DAO, and ProfessorLP of Merit Circle. Each selected a charity they’re passionate about before the tournament, and the group battled it out in Mojo Melee, Planet Mojo’s upcoming first title where magical creatures and a range of Champions with diverse abilities go head-to-head in a strategy game.

Thousands of Web3 aficionados, Planet Mojo followers, and fans of the influencers tuned in to watch the live stream. The tournament came down to a final close match between Brycent and ProfessorLP of Merit Circle. Brycent spent weeks grinding hard at the game in preparation for the tournament, and his practice paid off with a thrilling win. 

“I care deeply about Black Girls Code and I’m thrilled I could bring home the W for them!” said Brycent. “$2500 is a meaningful amount of money, and I can’t thank Planet Mojo enough for putting on such a great tournament.”

As Planet Mojo prepares for Mojo Melee’s release, the team has been looking for ways to give back to the gaming community. 

“One of the most rewarding aspects of working in our industry is the close-knit, one-of-a-kind communities that gaming creates between people all over the world,” said Mike Levine, founder of Planet Mojo. “As we establish ourselves in the future of Web3 gaming, we want to continue to hold these relationships close and celebrate what we can achieve when we put our heads together to support important causes.”

Set in a mysterious alien world with rich storytelling and eccentric details, the Planet Mojo metaverse is quickly attracting creative gamers. With over 80k followers on Twitter and 65k Discord members, Planet Mojo is expected to become one of Web3’s most popular communities. 

Private playtests of Mojo Melee have been underway since August 2022 to gather user feedback and refine the playing experience ahead of the game’s release. More playtests are happening every weekend for the rest of the year, heading towards an open beta period in early 2023. Interested players are encouraged to head to the Planet Mojo Discord and try the game. 

Learn more about Planet Mojo and playtest Mojo Melee on Follow Planet Mojo on Twitter and Discord to keep up with announcements, release dates, and more. 

About Planet Mojo

Planet Mojo is an ecosystem of interconnected games built by Mystic Moose and set inside a mysterious alien planet with an evolving narrative. Their soon-to-be-released Auto Chess Battler, MojoMelee has been recently nominated for Best Esports Game in the new Gam3r Awards from Polkastarter Gaming.

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