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ProBit Global Unlocks Access to AI-Powered Web3 Projects With ChainGPT Listing

ProBit Global Unlocks Access to AI-Powered Web3 Projects With ChainGPT Listing

Vilnius, Lithuania, December 6th, 2023

ProBit Global is excited to announce that CGPT, the utility token of ChainGPT, has been listed on the exchange. ChainGPT is a leading AI infrastructure project focused on developing AI-powered solutions for Web3. The CGPT token is the backbone of the ChainGPT ecosystem, powering AI tools, DAO governance and more. It enables access to premium AI services through staking and Pad allocation that developers and retail users need to build innovative applications and ensure safety in the evolving decentralized landscape. As a project, ChainGPT empowers Web3 through AI with advanced tools like its AI-generated news platform, AI NFT generator, enterprise-grade smart contract generator & auditor. It has achieved remarkable success with accolades from Google, BNB Chain, and backing from leaders in the AI, Web3 and blockchain industries.With over 16,000 token holders and a vibrant community of 100,000+ weekly users, CGPT aims to strengthen connectivity within the Web3 sphere while empowering individuals through advanced, easy-to-use, no-code AI solutions. The Chain GPT listing on ProBit Global marks the latest in the line of high-profile exchange partnerships, bringing this innovative project to the exchange’s worldwide user base.

“We’re thrilled to offer CGPT on ProBit Global, to meet growing global demand for AI-based tokens. This listing reflects our commitment to giving our users and traders exposure to AI-powered decentralized infrastructure,” said Sofia M’barek, Sales and BD Manager at ProBit Global. 

Traders interested in getting their hands on CGPT tokens will be buoyed by news that TVL on CGPT has recently seen the project go from $5.6m to $8m in total locked value in a matter of weeks, with that figure continuing to grow. Even more encouraging is the 20% increase in CGPT DEX holders over the past two weeks, with 21,000 CGPT decentralized wallet holders. ProBit Global users are poised to capitalize on these exciting opportunities for token price appreciation. With the CGPT listing now live on ProBit Global, holders can conveniently purchase and trade tokens on the exchange’s website or via its mobile app. Users are also encouraged to participate in ProBit Global’s upcoming CGPT trading competition for a chance to win exciting prizes.ABout ProBit GlobalFounded in 2018, ProBit Global is a Top 20 cryptocurrency platform featuring access to more than 800 cryptocurrencies and over 1000 different markets. ProBit Global aims to position itself as a world-class exchange for both crypto enthusiasts and novice investors, and boasts a user base of more than 2,000,000 active users, globally.With a powerful crypto trading interface, easy integration for automated crypto trading bots, fiat on-ramp support for 45 currencies, and a multilingual website in 46 languages, ProBit Global has all the features to make your cryptocurrency trading experience easy.To learn more, visit Global Telegram:


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