Do you hate working the 9-5 grind every single day and wish you had just retired to a cool place to spend your earnings in peace? As ambitious as it may sound, many people have lived this dream. Don’t worry; this is not a distant dream for you anymore but a reality you can soon achieve. This dream has come true for many other investors like you who became early investors in promising coins, and now you have the chance to become rich, too. With digital assets being the fastest-growing asset class, get ready to invest in a brilliant new coin and achieve financial independence.

With so many coins like Eos (EOS) and Near Protocol (NEAR), you might get confused about making the right choice. But don’t worry; the gem you need to invest in is right before you. Forward-thinking investors have spotted the next big thing in crypto, and now you, too, can become a part of that project to get infinite crypto rewards. Keep on reading to discover how the Qubetics Whitelist can make all your dreams come true. So, buckle up and get ready, as this article discusses why Qubetics (TICS) is the key to turning your dreams into reality and how EOS and Near Protocol are now just a fading fad.

EOS Faces Yet Another Blow With Tether Ending USDT Minting On The Platform

Eos (EOS) entered the scene as yet another blockchain platform that would facilitate decentralised applications (dApps). However, from the get-go, questions were raised about the centralised nature of EOS. Due to the limited number of block producers in the EOS ecosystem, developers were concerned that the platform was not truly decentralised, which made it vulnerable to outside influence. A big sign of the network losing major support from all players is that Tether ended USDT support on EOS starting June 2024. Tether’s decision to withdraw support from the network highlights the lack of confidence in EOS’s future. Having lost the support of virtually everyone, EOS has been dumped by investors for a more invigorating option like Qubetics (TICS). 

Near Protocol Loses Critical Support Level As Well As Support From Loyal Investors 

If the news about Near Protocol (NEAR) laying off more than 40% of its workforce was not enough to raise alarm bells about the coin quitting, price dips have led to investors questioning its future. An alarming 32% price drop during the span of a few weeks has market analysts baffled about how much lower the coin can go. 

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Join the Qubetics Whitelist as it takes you on a breathtaking journey of a new coin’s rise to the top of the crypto charts. Qubetics (TICS) has its sights set on revolutionising the crypto world, and you can become a part of that revolution. What’s not to love about a coin backed by a Layer-1 blockchain? Joining the Qubetics Whitelist will give you access to a whole bunch of riveting features, including special and exclusive access to the Qubetics presale 48 hours before anyone else. 

What Happens if You Join the Qubetics Whitelist?

If you head on over to and sign up for the whitelist, you can be on track to receive awesome early-bird rewards! Firstly, you will get to buy Qubetics (TICS) for bargain prices. Secondly, you will get priority access to the upcoming presale. If you’re not convinced, just think of the people who became the first supporters of coins like Bitcoin (BTC) and look at their rich and indulgent lives now. This could be your future if you invest in Qubetics (TICS) now. 


While EOS struggles with a lack of market support and Near Protocol (NEAR) finds a new low every single day, Qubetics (TICS) has emerged as an exciting new alternative for investors. Once you join the Qubetics Whitelist, you are stepping into the exciting new world of a Layer-1 blockchain platform. So don’t waste any more time, and sign up now.   

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