Everyone wants to capitalise on cryptocurrency investment for the best returns. The earlier cryptocurrency rise brought various opportunities for investors who became millionaires with the right decision at the right time. However, that trend has passed, and investors now seek a second chance in investment through new crypto ICOs.

Cronos (CRO) and Quant (QNT) are two new market entrants that came out to capitalise on the market for their share. However, they failed to maintain their position and soon fell victim to the market’s downward trend. 

During these uncertain and turbulent times, the Qubetics whitelist gave users another chance to make their investments worthwhile. Qubetics (TICS) brings massive growth potential to become the next big thing in crypto investment. Ready to change your perception of cryptocurrency? Read on!

Cronos Suffers a Major Crash and Decline in its Value

Cronos (CRO), the native coin of Crypto dot com and an Ethereum-based blockchain, was launched to complement the ecosystem, allowing individuals to benefit from different tiers. The entire blockchain is open-source and scalable, offering fast transactions and low fees.

CRO set itself with a promise to bring massive returns for the users staking the coins. However, in 2022, the network announced that the rewards on staking will be reduced significantly. Most customers who bought the coin did not take the news well, resulting in a massive crowd selling their coins. The coin value crashed almost 30% from the news and, since then, has struggled to regain its momentum.  

The news of a reduction in staking rewards came as a backstabbing news for users, and analysts took a hard line on the network’s social media, calling their decision a huge mistake. The community is outraged, and the entire ecosystem has taken a massive hit.

Undervalued Quant Network Struggles for Market Attention

Quant (QNT) is an interoperable blockchain platform that aims to connect various blockchains and distributed ledger technologies (DLTs). The network brought a new approach to crypto market activity but is still undervalued. The reason is the unique technology of the Overledger operating system that allows developers to create multi-chain applications. These MApps can interact with several blockchains and create interoperability between them. Although innovative, the technology is unique for most users with little technical knowledge. Most users shift to more friendly options rather than working on a technology they do not understand. 

The network is undervalued compared to its peers in the same domain. Quant currently trades at a value far less than the market capitalisation of other blockchains. The competition and lower trading prices challenge QNT as it struggles to make its mark. 

Qubetics Whitelist Changing DeFi Landscape for Massive Growth

The emergence of the Qubetics whitelist has challenged the position of various crypto platforms such as Cronos and Quant. Since its announcement, Qubetics (TICS) has gathered significant attention from the market and has sparked investor interest. As the coin progresses, the newest market entrant brings huge upside potential for market gain. The network is set to revolutionise the market with its transparency, scalability, and security, gaining user confidence. 

Qubetics presale, the most anticipated crypto presale in 2024, will allow users to gain a foothold in the market and become key players in digital financing. The network is designed to evolve with each maturity stage, keeping users updated with changes and updates for a fair chance in investment. Those who become whitelist members position themselves for a win in the coming days. 


Qubetics whitelist has started to gain momentum even though it came out after Cronos (CRO) and Quant (QNT). The network is quickly rising as the next big thing in crypto investment and offers early investment choices to users. This is the best time to join the whitelist, as the slots are limited, and the long-term profits are massive.

All whitelisted members will receive the information 48 hours before the public announcement. Users will use the information and news to gain exclusive perks and benefits with competitive pricing and higher ROI. This is the best opportunity for users to become whitelist members and secure their financial future. 

Join the Qubetics Whitelist Today:

Whitelist: Qubetics.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/qubetics 

Telegram: https://t.me/qubetics 

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