Have you ever wondered where you would be if you had successfully obtained Ethereum (ETH) or Bitcoin (BTC) at their launch in 2009 and 2015? What if the market sees one opportunity daily among other cryptos? While Gala(GALA) crypto price prediction has been in the discussion, Filecoin(FIL) Arthur Hayes has also drawn some attention. 

However, the Qubetics Whitelist (TICS) outperforms every other crypto thanks to the strong foundation and framework for dealing with all challenges. It’s a remarkable layer-1 blockchain platform with a strong sense of creativity and enormous potential for reward. Read on to learn more.

Does Filecoin Price Prediction Make Next Bull Run Relevant?

Filecoin (FIL) was developed as a decentralised alternative to traditional cloud storage providers, but before investing in Filecoin, you need to rule out the risks. The primary drawbacks of Filecoin are its distribution method and the financial and technological obstacles to mining it. 

Despite the fact there is little optimism for the next bull run and expert investor Arthur Hayes expects Filecoin(FIL) to reach $100, the platform’s privacy issues cannot be ignored. Filecoin (FIL) network data is not private by default since storage miners announce the content they host. To ensure privacy, users should encrypt their data before uploading it.

How is Gala Crypto a Good Investment? 

Gala Games’ (GALA) crypto price prediction for 2024 shows varying estimates across different sources and is influenced by factors such as market trends, technological developments, etc. Moreover, Gala Games (GALA) faces several disadvantages, including security vulnerabilities, as evidenced by a recent incident in which the GALA token’s value dropped sharply due to fears of a potential hack involving the transfer of huge amounts of tokens. Breeches and vulnerabilities like these develop fear among investors, and they prefer a new and safer option like the Qubetics Whitelist. 

Why Qubetics Whitelist is Your Golden Ticket to Riches

Those who trusted BTC and ETH in their initial days are millionaires today. Qubetics Whitelist is giving you another chance. Qubetics (TICS) represents blockchain technology and digital finance and is financially profitable. High returns on investment are guaranteed as Qubetics seeks to generate rewards for its community members.


Rush and take your spot before it’s gone because; 

  • Whitelist joiners can invest early and at a great price when the Qubetics Presale starts, which is strategically advantageous. 
  • These lucky individuals will also receive an email 48 hours before the Phase 1 presale opening, giving them an advantage over the general public. 
  • The provision of boundless incentives and awards reserved exclusively for founding members of the Qubetics group is arguably the most exciting aspect. 
  • They get community support in addition to opportunities to shape the project.

If you are interested in crypto ICOs, this is your golden ticket. Qubetics Whitelist looks all set to be better than all crypto presales in 2024.


Trusting and joining the Qubetics Whitelist (TICS) brings exclusive opportunities for investors to succeed in a highly bearish crypto market. Although Gala (GALA) and Filecoin (FIL) are good currencies, they don’t stand a chance against Qubetics largely due to its innovative technology and aim to present solutions to the problems that previous crypto projects failed to resolve. Don’t miss the chance to witness the Qubetics (TICS) victory. Reserve your Qubetics whitelist spot now!

Join Qubetics Whitelist Today:

Whitelist: Qubetics.com 

Twitter: https://twitter.com/qubetics 

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