Jersey, Channel Islands, 28th February, 2023

Radix, the only smart contract platform for asset-oriented web3, has announced the paradigm-shifting Radix Grants Program to incentivize developers to build within its ecosystem. The first developer program to be focused exclusively on Radix, the initiative is open to all serious DeFi and web3 devs considering building on Radix.

In addition to funding, teams will benefit from hands-on mentoring and guidance from the Radix team throughout the process. Developers interested in receiving a Radix grant are invited to apply now. 

In particular, Radix is looking for projects creating dApps focused around DEXs, lending, stablecoins, oracles, aggregators, yield farming, NFTs, bridges, and games.

“We’ve seen the numerous, expensive, and self-centered mistakes that other ecosystem-focused initiatives have made,” said RDX Works CEO Piers Ridyard. “Like everything else at Radix, we have intentionally designed the Radix Grants Program to equip serious web3 developers with the tools they need to be successful.”

Five projects will be invited to participate in the first phase of the Radix Grants Program, which will start in February and run for 12 weeks. A second program is then scheduled for Q2. Projects enrolled in the Radix Grants Program will enjoy a range of benefits including:

  • $30,000 of XRD tokens.
  • Bi-weekly one-to-one with a RDX Works mentor.
  • Exclusive masterclasses with the RDX Works leadership team on key topics such as product development, customer interviews, community building, and tokenomics.
  • Practical guidance on compliance, cyber security, company incorporation, and more.
  • Help with user testing.
  • Promotion and exposure to the wider Radix community via official Radix channels.

To be eligible to join the Radix Grants Program, teams must have an MVP or a working plan on how they will quickly deliver one. They will also need to demonstrate evidence of ability in community building and be willing to undergo KYC checks and incorporate a company.

The Radix Grants Program will kickstart a wave of decentralized finance innovation, built using a scalable and secure distributed ledger to power an array of DeFi and web3 applications.

About Radix

Radix is an asset-oriented smart contract platform, purpose-built to support a $400 trillion network. Radix offers a full-stack for web3, without breaking atomic composability. If you know what that means, you know it’s a big deal.

Backed by 10 years of research, testing, and focused development, Radix has a global community of thousands and a network value over $500 million. To learn more, visit


Dan Edelstein