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Recstartoken launches a new paradigm in crypto art through its digital platform.


Dubai, UAE, Nov. 28, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Recstartoken is an emerging crypto platform founded by Emanuele Morgione. In the latest development, the founder is pleased to announce that he has decoded his company, Recstartoken Market place and introduced it as a new paradigm in the world of crypto art.

The Recstartoken Marketplace facilitates its customers with a wide array of services, like investing in a new cryptocurrency through Recstartoken. It digitally certifies their work of art and makes their way as an artist in the world of crypto-art, and even the option of buying an NFT-certified work by one of the company’s leading artists. 

Furthermore, the company is expanding into establishing the Recstarverse, which will be its virtual universe. This decentralized crypto Metaverse virtual reality space will have real-life representations of reality. The Recstarverse, according to the developer, can build a unique and dynamic new Web 3.0 e-commerce experience. It will also be possible to create metahuman avatars for virtual reality.

In addition, Recstarmovies LLC’s staff is working hard to ensure that these avatars are human reproductions of subjects who will be present in this virtual reality realm. The company is launching a collection of NFT tickets that will be used to access this Recstarverse Metaverse and hopes that this move will generate a lot of revenue and news worldwide. 

REC, the cryptocurrency is solely dedicated to the cinema Metaverse. Recstartoken allows their customers to buy a REC token directly from their website. Customers also get to create a new wallet instantly from the home page of the website. They can also connect an existing wallet, designed, for example, on another platform, by accessing your credentials directly from the link on the homepage.

Consequently, Recstartoken has assured that it offers the possibility to invest in its new cryptocurrency, called REC. The platform will allow the customers to purchase NFT works by connecting their wallet or creating a new one quickly and easily. is the website of Recstarmovies LLC, a company dedicated to producing and selling digital works with NFT certification.

About the company Recstarmovies LLC:

Recstarmovies LLC is a company born in 2019 from the idea of the Italian developer Emanuele Morgione to create a platform dedicated to film streaming.

The company is headquartered in California.

About Recstartoken:

Recstartoken is the significant online marketplace leading for NFT. REC is the first cryptocurrency dedicated to the cinema metaverse and the NFTs market.

About the founder – Emanuele Morgione

Emanuele Morgione is an established Web and Blockchain Developer and marketing analyst from Italy. He owns three tech companies that he has created over the years. Nowadays, he is working on his new venture known as RECSTAR. 

Earlier this year, he made an exclusive presentation of his project, RECSTARTOKEN, at the Cannes Film Festival. Then he was invited to the Forbes event in Monaco and received an award for his project. Emanuele Morgione, also the creator of the NFT Recstartoken Marketplace.

For further information, potential clients can visit the following links:

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