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Ripple XRP Community Embrace XRPL New Hook Amendments Announcement

Ripple XRP Community Embrace XRPL New Hook Amendments Announcement

The cryptocurrency market has never been so dynamic as it is now. Each day, rather each hour, is coming with a new set of challenges and opportunities for crypto investors. The current bearish market has made several crypto projects either undergo major changes or come up with innovative and unique use cases to grow.

Ripple’s XRP and Chronoly’s CRNO are two such examples. While Ripple, a long-standing project in the crypto arena, has brought substantial changes in XRP’s components in order to make gains in the existing tumultuous market, Chronoly’s CRNO is a new token that has introduced a whole new idea to the crypto world.

Ripple has introduced new “Hook” amendments to increase the usability of its token, XRP. Meanwhile, has become the hot property in the crypto market as it has registered a whopping growth of 660% during its pre-sale phase with a novel business idea.

XRP Community Hopeful With Ripple’s New Hook Amendments

Since the overall crypto market is bearish, the trade volume of most projects has plunged, and Ripple’s XRP is no exception. This reduced trade volume, in turn, has led to a loss in the token’s value. The token, XRP, has been hit hard recently, with its value hovering around a 50% loss from last year.

Therefore, Ripple has come up with new “Hook” amendments to its native token, XRP. As per the XRP Labs (XRPL), the new Hooks Amendment will enable smart contract functionality to the XRP Ledger on layer one. This will allow it to store small data objects, allowing the company to expand the use cases and functionality of its XRP token. The XRP community is optimistic about the new amendments as increased usability is bound to appreciate the value of the native token of Ripple.

Ripple’s XRP is a cryptocurrency token designed to facilitate cross-border and cross-platform transfer of funds. The primary objective of Ripple, the company that develops and promotes XRP, is to provide banks with a faster, cost-effective, and scalable digital asset that will simplify cross-border payments. Speeds Up Its Bullish Run

At a time when the majority of crypto projects are finding it hard to survive, Chronoly’s CRNO has grown substantially. Chronoly’s CRNO token has grown so massively during its pre-sale that it is being pegged as a serious challenger to long-standing projects like Bitcoin and Ethereum. is the world’s first blockchain-based marketplace that deals with buying and selling NFTs of rare luxury watches. The project allows people to make fractional investments in the NFTs of rare collectable watches. purchases rare luxury watches from brands like Rolex, Patek Philippe, and Richard Mille, among others, and mints NFTs against them.

With Chronoly’s CRNO, people can invest in luxury watches for as little as $10. They can also purchase 100% NFT of any watch to redeem it for the physical version of the timepiece. is a value-based project that has real-world usability. Unlike other cryptocurrencies, CRNO’s price is not based on speculation and market hype but is backed by real-world physical assets. All the NFTs minted by are backed by physical watches stored off-chain. Hence, investors rest assured about the security of their funds with Besides, the value of rare collectable watches appreciates irrespective of the market sentiments, guaranteeing positive returns.

Therefore, investors from across the globe have been putting their faith and money in Chronoly. The price of Chronoly’s CRNO, which started from $0.01 in May 2022, has soared to $0.06 and is expected to touch a target price between $0.50 to $1.0 before the end of the pre-sale. Meanwhile, analysts have predicted that CRNO can rise by 2,500% in the coming months.

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