Quebec, Canada, June 10th, 2024

Solnarize a new meme coin on the Solana blockchain, has successfully raised over 200 SOL shortly after the commencement of its presale.

The token follows the presale model popularized by previous tokens such as $SLERF, which experienced significant on-chain trading volume after its Initial Exchange Offering (IEO). Solnarize aims to build on this legacy, adopting a presale format without tiers or stages, distinguishing itself from most presales that typically feature incremental price hikes.

The project adopts the novel approach of $SLERF, BOME, PUMP, and PUDU, running a presale without tiers or stages. This offers a distinct outlook from most presales.

The Solnarize team hopes that this new form will captivate the attention of Solana degens and is optimistic about placing $SRIZE in an advantageous position for success.

Participants can purchase the presale by sending SOL to the wallet address provided on the Solnarize website. Tokens will be airdropped to the participants’ wallets upon the conclusion of the presale. The current presale rate offers 325,000 $SRIZE tokens for every 1 SOL.

Solar Defender Game: Key Driver for Community Engagement

Solnarize is integrating meme culture with a sustainability mission through its Solar Defender game, which has generated notable interest within its community.

Importance of $SRIZE in Solar Defender

The $SRIZE token is essential to the Solar Defender ecosystem, serving multiple key roles:

  • Unlocking Features: Use $SRIZE to access special game features and enhance your experience.
  • Earning Rewards: Players can earn $SRIZE tokens through gameplay, combining entertainment with tangible rewards.
  • Supporting Sustainability: Every $SRIZE token contributes to clean energy initiatives, aligning with Solnarize’s mission of environmental stewardship.

Presale Success: 200 SOL Raised in Minutes

The presale offers an opportunity to acquire $SRIZE tokens at a preferential rate. The specifics are as follows:

  • Exclusive Pricing: During the presale, 1 SOL equates to 325,000 $SRIZE tokens.
  • Future Pricing: Post-presale, $SRIZE tokens will be listed on Solana DEX exchanges at a higher price, where 1 SOL will equal 162,500 $SRIZE tokens.
  • Community Growth: By joining the presale, users are supporting a project that values sustainability and innovation, helping build a strong, engaged community.

To participate in the presale, users can visit

About Solnarize

Solnarize is a visionary meme coin project on the Solana blockchain that merges the fun of meme culture with the principles of sustainability through a play-to-earn gaming model. Leveraging Solana’s efficiency, Solnarize aims to offer an engaging and profitable experience while promoting environmental consciousness.