Are you curious to know about the must-have crypto of the year that will outshine the crypto presales in 2024? Let the curiosity build and overview the older ones before taking a leap on the upcoming money-spinner. It seems like as the pressure for innovation and evolution builds up, older cryptos are finding it miserable to match the pace. Some of them are losing prices or market participation, such as Cosmos (ATOM). Others, like Near Protocol (NEAR), need help to expand their adoption with the rise of other significant names. 

Henceforth, the time has come to uncover the secret and join this revolutionary movement that’s aiming to conquer the crypto world in the near future. Qubetics (TICS) is ready to take the lead from now on with its outstanding blockchain technology. Qubetics Whitelist is its exclusive VIP-only programme with limited slots left. You can be one of those VIPs; get whitelisted now.  

Near Protocol – Strangled in the Rising Competition from Major Crypto Houses

Near Protocol (NEAR) came to the spotlight in an attempt to replace or mimic Ethereum’s adaptability by providing almost similar services. Near Protocol news is issuing sizzling insiders into its insufficiency in managing centralised decision-making on the blockchain. Moreover, the rise in rivalry against Ethereum is also on the rise, as Near’s adaptability has limited global adaptability. Near Protocol’s price prediction for 2025 is only achievable if it surpasses the value beyond $100. 

Cosmos Struggling with Price Down Surges and Declining Trading Volume

Cosmos (ATOM) is a popular choice as an inexpensive cryptocurrency with relatively less transactional maintenance and better scalability. However, recent times have not been in Cosmos’ favour, with back-to-back price declines and a consistent drop in trading volumes. Foreseeing these critical outcomes, the ATOM coin price might dangle between different ranges until its market volume gains stability. 

Qubetics Whitelist: Your Trip to Crypto Heavens Begins Right Here

Every now and then, there’s substantial havoc in the crypto world from discouraging news from established cryptos. Be it legal uncertainties or technical lags, it’s sufficient to snuff investors away from even the biggest names like Cosmos or Near Protocol. Qubetics is above all these uncertainties with visionary leadership, 24/7 technical support and a one-of-a-kind whitelist event. Qubetics Whitelist is a short-lived occasion that’s currently open to both novices and pros. 

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Unlock Early Access to New Cryptos for Better Returns Later

It’s time to switch paths and explore potential new projects that are worth your attention and investment. Unlike the fault-led ecosystems, newer cryptos are ahead of the current times, offering practical utility, scalability, and discrete price charts. The best time to enter their blockchains is now, as the crypto ICOs or presale prices are relatively lower and the ROI margin is higher. 

Conclusion: Get Ahead of the Wave: Join Qubetics Today

If you fear keeping pace with the fast-evolving cryptosphere, Qubetics (TICS) is your ultimate gig. Qubetics Whitelist is keeping the innovative aspirants ahead of the current evolutionary wave. Join the party and enrol in the most iconic crypto presale in 2024, which is expected to launch soon. The time has come to say goodbye to the worries of price declines or competitive takeovers and get welcomed at the house of “Qubetics”. 

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