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Staking on Bitcoin, SatoshiDEX Staking for Presale Investors is now Live

Staking on Bitcoin, SatoshiDEX Staking for Presale Investors is now Live

London, UK, April 23rd, 2024

SatoshiDEX, the pioneering Bitcoin DEX, announces the Staking system, enabling users to earn rewards in advance of the platform’s official launch.

Boasting a successful presale exceeding $10 million, SatoshiDEX continues to gain momentum.

The SatoshiDEX team has implemented a dynamic APY for their Staking System, allowing presale participants to access significantly higher rewards.

To get started, users can visit the SatoshiDEX staking dashboard and lock their $SATX tokens (Polygon, Optimism, Binance Smart Chain, Arbitrum, Base and Avalanche). 

If interested users don’t have $SATX tokens they can acquire them via the Presale.

The key features of SatoshiDEX are

  • Expanded asset support: Seamless cross-chain swaps between Bitcoin and other assets.
  • Enhanced Security: SatoshiDEX leverages the Layer 2 Stacks blockchain solutions to provide a new security level for traders and investors.
  • Scalable Infrastructure and Multi-Chain support: Stacks’ microblocks feature enables an increase in transaction speed and healthy staking growth.

According to the Roadmap SatoshiDEX team has fundamental plans for this year. Their next milestones are: 

  • Mainnet launch;
  • Release of the initial liquidity pools: the first set of liquidity pools, focusing on key Bitcoin and Stacks pairs.

About SatoshiDex

SatoshiDEX represents a paradigm shift in decentralized finance, offering a platform where innovation converges with utility on the Bitcoin blockchain. By leveraging the Stacks Layer 2 chain, SatoshiDEX facilitates seamless asset swaps and liquidity provisioning, eliminating the need for wrapped assets and mitigating costly Ethereum fees.


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