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Swiss Crypto Startup to launch DeFi 2.0 Platform

Array, is launching the world's most user-friendly yield farming platform., is launching the world’s most user-friendly yield farming platform.
Zurich, Switzerland, July 22, 2022 (

Switzerland’s latest and most promising DeFi startup,, is launching the world’s most user-friendly yield farming platform. The company aims to accelerate the widespread adoption of crypto and bring DeFi to the masses. They have developed a platform that is easy to use, reliable and benefits everyday users by making them money consistently and saving them time, hence the slogan “speculate less, invest more”.

“We used many different platforms like Pancakeswap and Autofarm for Liquidity mining and noticed that most of these platforms were too complex for the average user. With we want to make Liquidity Mining more accessible by automating the complex manual tasks and focussing on simplicity” – Andres Soltermann, CEO.

After more than a year of developing, planning and creating meaningful partnerships, is getting ready to launch this August. already announced their partnership with the Swiss Crypto Valley Association back in September 2021, and have strong support from STORM Partners, the leading European blockchain service provider, that have provided solutions to companies like Aave, Swissborg and Elrond.

“It’s fantastic to see young entrepreneurs focused on bringing the present financial evolution that we are seeing in the decentralized finance space to the masses. I used to be fearful of the bear market, but now I am confident to embrace it through’s solution!” – Sheraz Ahmed, Managing Partner of STORM Partners

The Smart Contract developed by contains over 1500 lines of code that was developed and written by in-house developers. The project has been audited by, the leading Cybersecurity company in the crypto industry. In addition, three more audits have been conducted by different crypto auditing companies. The result is a reliable and absolutely decentralized platform ready to be used by millions of crypto investors.

The platform includes an array of simplified, but innovative DeFi features, such as auto-compounding, leveraged liquidity mining, one-click Investing and pools without impermanent loss. The auto-compounding offering is second to none, providing a simple, yet effective method for liquidity miners to automatically reinvest their profits.

As already mentioned, great useability is’s core value and it is their mission to make Liquidity Mining and DeFi in general as simple as possible. With their “one-click invest” feature they introduce the most straightforward onboarding process ever, which saves users a lot of time and headaches.

The roadmap looks solid, with many innovative features to be added in the future. In addition, the team is also working on building a suitable solution for the traditional finance system, which will allow banks, asset managers and many others to invest through their platform. The upcoming months will be focused on the registration of the Bitcoin ETP in Switzerland.

Even though the number of unique wallet addresses in DeFi has grown by approximately 69% since June 2022, the market is still in its infancy. With a total value locked of 96 billion dollars, the DeFi market is still compared to the total crypto market. While the speed of adoption is rising, the problem with most DeFi platforms is that they are still too complex for the average user.

“The decentralized finance (DeFi) market has a market size of about $96 billion, and the whole crypto market is $1 trillion. These numbers seem big, but when you consider that about 70 trillion is parked in equities alone, that number puts it into perspective pretty quickly. For this reason, we will be launching an actively managed Bitcoin ETP in early 2022. This ETP is the first step to launch the much more complex Liquidity Mining ETP. The second ETP will allow our clients to invest in the revolutionary Stablecoin Liquidity Mining for the first time, and it’s easy to do via e-banking.”

While the speed of widespread adoption is hugely increasing, similar platforms are still notoriously complicated and overwhelming for the average user. is the exception, owning their motto “DeFi for everyone” by accelerating the adoption of decentralized financial technology in Web 3.0, through an accessible, profitable and reliable DeFi platform. is expected to have an explosive launch at the beginning of August 2022. Their GRIZZLY HONEY ($GHNY) token will launch at the same time as the platform and will first be available on Pancakeswap. The token will serve as a Utility and Governance token and operates as the fuel to the whole ecosystem. $GHNY tokens only get minted when performance happens on the platform and users claim rewards. By this unique mechanism the supply of $GHNY will increase proportionally to the performance of the whole ecosystem thanks to the dynamic honey creation.

Boilerplate:, a Swiss FinTech company, is looking to disrupt the DeFi industry with their Yield Farming platform. They aim to be the Hub of Yield Farming. An Aggregator where Yield Farming is made easier, safer and more profitable than ever before. With a strong focus on UX and usability, they hope to bring DeFi to a mass audience. Not only does disrupt the DeFi space with innovative features but also puts its claws into the traditional finance market by offering fiat investment gateways.

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