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Tapbit Launches Global Partner Program: Unlocking Opportunities For Web3 Enthusiasts & TOKEN2049 Dubai

Tapbit Launches Global Partner Program

Singapore, Singapore, April 12th, 2024

Tapbit, a leading platform in the crypto industry, is thrilled to announce the launch of its Global Partner Program. This program is designed for Web3 and crypto enthusiasts worldwide, aimed at offering them new opportunities in the crypto world.

The team at Tapbit prides itself on leveraging cutting-edge technology to provide industry-leading services. As our team attests the core aggregation engine is potentially the most advanced technology product of its kind in the market, ensuring instantaneous processing of huge transaction volumes with fault tolerance and extreme processing speed. With our banking-grade SSL encryption, multiple signatures, and hot & cold wallets separation technologies, we prioritize the security of user assets above all else.

What sets Tapbit apart is the unwavering commitment to innovation and security. the team continuously invests in research and development to stay ahead of emerging threats and provide the users with a secure trading environment.

Tapbit’s Global Partner Program:

Regulatory Compliance: Tapbit holds MSB licenses from the US and Canada, ensuring regulatory compliance and transparency. Partnering with Tapbit gives users peace of mind knowing that they are working with a platform that adheres to regulatory standards.

Advanced Security Measures: Tapbit employs advanced security measures and technologies to safeguard user funds and personal information against unauthorized access and cyber attacks.

Global Reach: With users in over 100 countries, Tapbit offers localized services and support to cater to diverse needs and preferences worldwide.

High Volume Trading: Tapbit boasts a daily derivatives trading volume of $10 billion USD, providing ample trading opportunities for users.

The Tapbit Global Partner Program offers a plethora of benefits, including tailored promotions, eternal rewards with lifetime commissions, and the aim of unrivaled commission rates in the industry. Whether the user is new or seasoned, Tapbit welcomes you to the network and reap the rewards of partnership.

Partners at TOKEN2049 Dubai:

Tapbit’s team will be attending TOKEN2049 Dubai, and are actively seeking partners, including affiliates, trading ambassadors, KOLs, institutions, organizations, and foundations. If interested in becoming a Tapbit partner or learning more about our Global Partner Program, be sure to meet us at TOKEN2049 Dubai or contact us today.

About Tapbit:

Tapbit is a leading platform providing secure and stable trading services for mainstream crypto assets such as BTC, ETH, SOL, and USDC. With prestigious licenses including the MSB fiat currency business license and crypto and forex business license, Tapbit ensures regulatory compliance and peace of mind for global investors.

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Tapbit’s Global Partner Program embark on an exciting journey in the crypto world!


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